Solar Return Tarot-Astrology

A Solar Return chart is an astrology chart calculated for the moment when the Sun returns to its exact natal position and will not be the exact date and time as your birth, but usually within 2 days of it. It is a powerful technique for examining the themes and issues that will arise for you during your solar year – the year that runs from birthday to birthday. 
A Tarot-Astrology approach to your Solar Return interprets through the Tarot Archetypes traditionally associate with planets, signs, houses and other astrological sensitive points.
For any of the 3 options listed below you’ll receive photos of the cards representing the planets, signs, houses and other significant points in your chart(s) and a written interpretation of them. When you’ve read it (recommended to read a few times so you can more completely benefit from it), we meet in person, by phone, Skype or FaceTime to go over the information and look more closely at areas that interest you the most. This private reading includes an additional Tarot & Totem card reading with animal guides to reveal intuitive support for making the best of your year. 

Here are three options for your Tarot-Astrology Solar Return reading:

1.  An overview of your Solar Return Ascendant, Sun and Moon and it’s aspects to your Natal Chart. This reveals a lot about where you’re most likely to focus your energy and to shine (Sun), your emotional and intuitive life (Moon) and Ascendant (how you’ll see the world in the next year and how it will see you)
2. Solar Return Chart complete interpretation of all planets and sensitive points without aspects to your natal chart.
3. Includes both options #1 and #2.

Prices include: analysis, photos of card interpretation, written report and an in-person session with card reading and intuitive messages and or journey. Prices reflect the work that goes into the analysis and interpretation.

1. $150 (includes half hour private session)   Buy Now Button

2. $200 (includes 45 minute private session)   Buy Now Button

3. $250 (includes 1 hour private session)   Buy Now Button