Scorpio in your natal chart

Scorpio Tarot Astrology:  Using the Tarot cards get a unique interpretation of your natal chart and the planets and sensitive points in Scorpio, the houses that Scorpio inhabits, the 8th House (which always has Scorpionic energy) and the planets and sensitive points within it. These interpretations have similarities to what you would receive in a regular astrological reading, but they’re based on Tarot archetypes which feel more accessible and human-nature centered to some. I’ve found I can relate to the energies in my Natal Chart in a more direct way by using Tarot. If you’re drawn to story telling, folk tales and archetypal psychology, you may feel the same. Many do!

Your Scorpio Tarot Astrology session will begin when you send me your birth data and I create your chart from a reliable on line astrology site. Then I pre-select the cards that relate to Scorpio and the 8th house in your chart. These cards are chosen according to traditional correspondences. If you live outside of Tucson, I then send you the photos of your cards and a written interpretation. After you’ve had the opportunity to look at the images and read the report, we have a phone meeting to discuss it and pull other cards as divination to gain clarity.
If you live in Tucson, I’ll create your chart in the same way, pre-select the cards and make notes and then we’ll meet in person for the interpretation and other divination. You’ll receive a recording and photos of your cards.
A. Basic Scorpio Tarot – Astrology Session: $60
B. Expanded Scorpio Tarot Astrology Session with transits for the rest of 2017 (or other designated period) that impact the Scorpio related parts of your chart: $75
If you want to get a complete chart reading, please see your options here: