Path of Evolution: North & South Nodes

It has been life-changing for me to work with these points on my chart, as it has been for many others. The North Node speaks to the new experiences and roles to play in this lifetime for self and spiritual development, the South Node represents what you all ready know how to do very well, perhaps too well!

The basic reading for North and South Nodes includes time spent preparing your chart and the cards that represent the lunar north and south nodes in it, a written report and a half hour in person or phone meeting.  
1. Provide your birth data – date, year, time of birth and location and I prepare your chart.
2. The cards are selected that represent your North and South Nodes, photographed and emailed to you along with an an individual, unique  interpretation report.
3. After you’ve read the report we meet in person or for a long distance reading by phone, email or FB Messenger and have a helpful, deep and knowledgeable discussion about how the positions of your North and South Nodes can guide you, and what the cards and archetypes mean in relation to your life and growth at this time.

At least 3 additional cards are chosen through divination:

1   how to reach for and embrace the evolutionary personal changes of your north node sign and house.
2  how to let go of the unexamined beliefs, attitudes and qualities that cause personal stagnation as indicated by the South Node sign and house.
3  The negotiator who shows how to bridge between the new choices and qualities of the North Node and the already developed skills and comfort zone of the South Node.
More cards may be pulled during the session to clarify or extend the messages.

Sliding Scale Price of $75 includes all of the above.

Possible extras to add on to your North & South Nodes Tarot Astrology Session:

* A journey to the tarot archetypes of the astrological sign and house of your North Node that reveals more information about how you can relate and welcome them into your life. I’ll do the journey and then record what messages and visuals came through for you.  $15

*Development of affirmations and daily practices to support living in harmony with North Node soul mission.  $30

*Interpretation of any aspects to the Nodes in your natal chart and / or the transits that are now, or will soon,  impact your North and South Nodes.  $30

What are the North and South Nodes all about?

The North and South Nodes in your Natal Astrological Chart interpreted through Tarot Archetypes
These two points on your natal astrological chart identify the path that’s new and most invigorating for you by looking at the sign and house of your North Node, and the path of least resistance that’s your tried and true way of getting through life, what you’ve done a million times that’s indicated by the sign and house of your South Node.
This information can be very useful, many say positively transformative. The attitude, talents and path indicated in the North Node is your new and fresh karma. It’s what your Soul hasn’t tried before, and though it may seem awkward and even scary, there’s a great deal of joy, growth and liberation in embracing this path.
The South Node represents the attitude, reactions and experiences you’ve had in many, many lifetimes. This path has now become a rut, and it’s where you’re most likely to get stuck or choose stagnation rather than growth. It’s natural to revert to unconscious habit and patterns when under stress, but sometimes they just keep you in the same place.
This reading will give you a view into your north and south nodes as interpreted by the Tarot cards, using mostly the Majors which represent archetypes of human nature. The nodes are exactly opposite of each other on your horoscope wheel.

Other Tarot Astrology chart interpretations:

In every instance you’ll receive a your chart, an individual unique written interpretation report that’s emailed to you, and a private session with recording.
Choice #1 Tarot Astrology interpretation of the Natal Chart Personal Planets and Sensitive Points: includes the sign and houses of the Nodes, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter. the Ascendant (Rising Sign), the asteroid Chiron and the most significant aspects to them (conjunction, opposition, trine and square).  $160 – $200.

Choice #2 Tarot Astrology interpretation of the Natal Chart Personal and Outer Planets and Sensitive Points: includes everything in Choice #1 plus Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Lilith and the most significant aspects to them (conjunction, opposition, trine and square).   $200 – $250.

Choice #3 A Tarot Astrology interpretation of important Transits on a particular date to the planets and sensitive points and how they impact  your Natal Chart. The transit date should be for a significant event such as birthday, new year, beginning of a season, or personal ceremony (wedding, graduation) or beginning (new job, new home). $75 – $105.