The Completion & Harvest Tarot & Totem Spread

A SUCCESSFUL HARVEST: Moving Toward Completion of a Project, Goal, Cycle or Life Change. An original Tarot & Totem Offering. 
This reading can be done at anytime but if you want to align with Lunar Medicine, try this during the Waning Moon.
The cards are laid out  beginning at the bottom of the circle (1) , then forming the left semi circle (2 & 3), then the right semi circle (4 & 5), and finishing with the card at the top (6).
CARD 1.  Project or Goal (Animal Card) at center bottom.
CARD 2.  What’s Working Well (Tarot) clockwise to the left.
CARD 3.  What Needs To Be Added (Tarot) clockwise upper left.
CARD 4.  A Skill or Attitude for Flexibility and Fresh Perspective (Animal) clockwise to the right
CARD 5.  What Is Beyond Your Control (Tarot) clockwise to the lower right
CARD 6.  How to Harvest Your Work Successfully (Tarot) at top center position

Example of Successful Harvest spread.  (a full session would go into more depth and there would be mutual conversation.)
1. EAGLE – Your goal is lofty and includes Spiritual Development and having direct ecstatic experience of Great Spirit / Great Mystery. Developing deeper maturity, insight, ethical ambition, the ability to see the big picture and the probable future are part of your goal.
2. THE HIEROPHANT – You have the knowledge, mentors and teachings needed for this goal. Your values and devotion are deep and strong. Your spiritual experience and ability to use ritual and ceremony are strong assets.
3.  QUEEN OF CUPS – Your project will be more successful if you become aware and accepting of all your emotions and needs. Be willing to share them with others. Nurture relationships, empathy and psychic ability. If you lower some of your personal walls and become more vulnerable and receptive, your goal will ripen into much more than you expected.
4.  SPIDER – See the connections between this moment and the past and future. See the energetic fibers that connect you to others. Go beyond the traditional and efficient to the poetic and artful. Be open to expanding your web! Spider always advises creativity and expansion. Write, draw, dance, make stuff.
5.  PRINCE OF SWORDS – Well, haters are gonna hate. This figure is mostly ego and dualistic thought, focused only on winning. He can be a formidable enemy, yet at heart is more miserable than any of those he looks down on. This may be other people or societal norms that may be threatened by your spirituality and creativity. It may also be your inner critic at its most hostile. (This card is the same as the Knight of Swords in other decks who is the brutal warrior).
6.  TWO OF DISKS – This card represents the ever shifting relationship between the yin and yang, the Sun and Earth, the active and receptive. It’s creativity and fertility in action, and living life in the moment, responding to gracefully to what is. Sun’s heat and light touches Earth who responds with plants and animals and other delightful life forms. It’s a dance. Allow your goal to continuously re-create itself as you grow and glow. Stay in the here and now and you will blossom.
A DEEPER LOOK: This is a promising spread, except for the Prince of Swords who honestly can be a scary dude! An extra two cards are needed for to detail him. The question is How To Deal With Ill Will or Fierce Opponents?  The 5 of Disks and Prairie Dog are chosen and say: Heal self-sabotaging habits and low self-esteem and self-image. You have the strength to move through all that. Ask for help when you need it. Prairie Dogs live in affectionate communities, have a vast vocabulary and complex syntax. There’s lots of conversation and group activity, but they’re not showy or obvious about it.  Each Prairie Dog has its own den for chill time and sleep. So friendship, adequate sleep, a warm low-key circle of community, talking, getting help to heal your psyche, and asking for help and protection when needed are advised. Please note, these are not cards of direct confrontation, nor of running away from the ‘enemy’. Build a quiet happiness around you. Lay low when needed. Get the healing work you need.
Card 1,3 & 4 Interaction.  Eagle & Spider merge Spiritual Growth with Creativity. Card 3 is about bringing emotional expression to your creative work. Nourishing your own emotional need for connection and intimacy, and tending to others spiritual development during times of emotional stress are some of the ways that Queen of Cups can be allowed to take part. She knows the necessity of including love, empathy and vulnerability in your future goals.
I get the sense that the Prince of Swords, Card 5, is jealous or spiteful, and wants to repress Creativity in some way. This could be outer forces, but also any inner hangups you might have about vulnerability and open-heartedness.
All cards taken together? You’e on the way to integrating profound spiritual experiences with a creative and loving every-day physical existence.