Well Being of the Heart

Robin Wood Tarot
Ace of Cups from the Robin Wood Tarot

TAROT & TOTEM for the Well Being of your Heart
Your Heart is your soul drumming.
Listen in on the secret.
It plays your elusive and unique song
each and every day of your life.

Your heart supports your radiance, vitality and a feeling of being fully alive. It is one of the primary centers of your being and consciousness. Yes, your heart is conscious! Recent research has found neuron cells are an integral part of the human heart. Perhaps you’ve already felt that your heart is aware.

On the spiritual and auric level, a healthy heart radiates compassion, intelligence, acceptance of emotional complexity, desire, and inspires you to action. When your heart energy is seriously off balance (as frequently happens in Western cultures) you may experience emotional troubles, isolation and a general numbness toward others and yourself.

These five TAROT & TOTEM card readings are designed to bring you into closer resonance and understanding of a particular quality of Heart. Choose the one you most want or need to heal and develop. Eventually you can have all 5 if you so desire.

~ EMBRACE OF THE HEART Embracing Tolerance Toward Yourself & Others
~ OCEANS OF EMOTION Discovering and Deepening Emotion and Empathy
~ NOBILITY Raising Vibration and Touching Inspiration
~ COMMITMENT TO HEART PATH Courage to Create Your Heart’s Desire
~ RADIANCE Fullness of Heart

These divination card spreads are influenced by  (but not in anyway formally associated with) by my study of the work of mystics, psychologists and shamans – especially the Heart Rhythm Meditations developed by Puran and Susannah Bair; the Heart Math Institute us devoted to studying the cellular, spiritual and energetic complexity of the human heart; and Hazrat Inayat Khan, beloved Sufi philosopher and mystic.

Each card reading is half hour and priced by sliding scale between $25 to 35. The session can occur – in person in Tucson (after February 18th) or by phone anywhere in the contiguous USA.
Clients \may also schedule a Drum Trance Journey and Guided Meditation done after the card reading to further explore the messages and guidance. Drum Journeys / Guided Medications are an additional $25-30.