Waning, Dark & New Moon Sessions

Waning, Dark & New Moon Tarot & Totem Sessions
Look up and see that slender crescent moon glowing among the stars. In this late waning and then Dark Moon phase you can make good use of readings and healing sessions with these selections:
The Closure Spread: Ending a self-sabatoging habit or pattern. The key to this spread is personal responsibility and is best used when you really want closure on an old pattern, habit or unhappy situation that’s dragged on and on. (Half Hour)
Begone: Let Go & Make Room To Begin: How to clear away or banish what you’re ready to end and be done with so you have the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual time and resources to say ‘yes, begin!’ to your new plans, desires and needs. (45 minutes)
Attend the Dissolving Moon / Evolving Butterfly workshop on Sunday night at 6pm. See details here

Balanced & Deep: includes 2 popular spreads. Steering Your Course helps you navigate your outer life with clear focus. Archetypal Life Flow: Soul Evolution helps you look inward and notice and appreciate what’s happening in your soul and the more hidden parts of your psyche. (One Hour)
Make It So:  Guidance and New Perspectives for Reaching A Goal Achieving a goal or making progress toward a long term goal. Possible topics:  relationship, career, health, spiritual growth or other areas of life.  (Half Hour)

Prices & Payment
To schedule:  call / text 520-306-1701 or contact merriewolfie@gmail.com

Private Session Hours All times are MST
 In person in Tucson, by phone, on line, email or FB messenger elsewhere.
To Schedule: The fastest way is to call / text 520-306-1701 but merriewolfie@gmail.com works too.
All readings include an mp3 recording and photos of your cards. Price and Payment Information.

FRIDAY THE 13TH. DARK MOON (6:57pm Tucson time) Friday, April 13th. 7pm – 10pm
DARK MOON Saturday, April 14th. 2pm – 6pm
DARK MOON / NEW MOON (6:57pm Tucson time) Sunday, April 15th. 2pm – 6pm
NEW MOON Monday, April 16th. 10am – 8pm
NEW MOON Tuesday, April 17th. 10am – 5pm