The Great Sea Within reading

The Great Sea Within

A reading that honors the energies of the Zodiac sign of Cancer. If your emotional life is feeling particularly deep at this time or your Chart has strong planets in the signs of the water element you may be very drawn to this reading. Anyone who particularly loves Lady Luna and her phases will also resonate.

Card 1: Your Rhythmic Needs (what do you need a pattern or routine for)
Card 2: Rebirthing- Something that happened in infancy or childhood that can be recognized or healed now
Card 3: An emotional need or dependency that wants to be recognized, for it is valid and valuable (being vulnerable is a positive in this reading)
Card 4: The mothering you need to receive at this time
Card 5: The mothering you can give to someone else in need (this will probably be to a specific person or group, not a generalized vibe.Cancer is more personal than impersonal
Card 6: Your Sleep needs / sleeping life
Card 7: Your Dream life / Dream needs
Card 8: Whale Bringing gifts of the subconscious to the surface
Card 9: Dolphin A source of fun and joy
  • The cards are laid out in a spiral shape with Card 1 at the center and the other cards spiraling out from there
  • In the interpretation, the cards should be read rather quickly and fluidly, flowing together.
  • The music of ocean waves, songs of whales or deep abdominal breathing can accompany this reading.