The Big Picture

Karmic Threads.

A story playing out in the past, present and future. A karmic story,. This may mean balancing of cause & effect, good & evil. Or could also be a story  theme that you’re needing or wanting to experience in many ways. A classic way to look at it is a story the began in a past life, is now playing out  in your present life with the same theme but in a different way. What happens in this life time his beginning to have an effect on a future life to come.

A more Quantum Physics or Multi Dimensional way to conceive of this, is that the same theme is playing out in three concurrent  reality spaces. There are many ways to ‘see’ this: The same theme could be playing out in your dream life, everyday conscious life, and as a spiritual teaching. It could be a story you ‘picked up’ or are fascinated by that someone else went through, now it’s handed to you to experience, and you will hand it off to someone else when you’re done.

A square grid of 3 cards on each line with a total of 9 cards. The cards are a mixture of animal and Tarot images. Here are 2 examples:

Karmic Threads