The 4 Elements as cues to what you want

I recently designed this method to help people discern / realize what they want to focus on in a private session, perhaps they find the affirmation(s) that speak to the ways they want to heal or balance. Or if they’re aware of a need to develop and grow, these statements can help focus on the element and what you most want guidance or messages about.

Which ones of these affirmations spark a longing or a need in you? Notice your intuition, physical responses and emotions as well as your thoughts as you read through or scan these.

You could be drawn to:
– one element and all four of its affirmations, or
– there might be one or two affirmations from different elements that – you recognize as meant for you at this time, or
– you may find that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th line of each stanza speaks to you. The stanzas are written and designed to have that interconnection.

See what comes up for you and let me know. You can email or text (520) 306-1701 with your responses. If you want a session, I’ll suggest some ideas that align with your choices, keeping in mind the time and financial limits you request.

FIRE ELEMENT. Action. Confidence. Vitality. Transformation.
I relinquish all false fears, then deal with real challenges
I act on self love and love for others
My actions are confident and have creative intent
I protect Earth, this is my home, and am enlivened by Sun’s warmth and glow

WATER ELEMENT.  Relationship. Feelings. Connection. Cleansing.
From my heart and soul, I cleanse self-sabotage and false fear
I’m filled with self-love and compassion for others
I feel my feelings bravely and express them creatively
I am loved by Earth, this is my home, and cherished by Sun’s warmth and glow

AIR ELEMENT. Mental state. Intelligence. Awareness. Planning. Language.
I deconstruct all false fears and focus on real challenges
I think and speak with self-respect and respect for others
My mind communes with Great Spirit receiving insight and guidance
I study the ways of Earth, this is my home, thoughts illumined by Sun’s light and glow

EARTH ELEMENT. Health. Wealth. Home. Foundation.
From my body I shed all numbness and false fears
I love my body, enforce my boundaries and protect my home
It is through the senses of my body that I can create
I am made of Earth, flesh, blood and bone, and by the sunlight I am grown.