Summer Begins! 2021

SUMMER SOLSTICE 2021 occurs Sunday June 20th  (MST/PDT)

Soul Evolution:  Archetypal Life Flow. The soul has its own path of growth and longing for new experiences. Sometimes this path is congruent to the one you walk and explore in your outer life, and sometimes it may be very different. In this session you’ll use divination through Tarot and Animal cards to listen to your soul’s longing and to find out how you can support it.
For instance you may be a research scientist out in the world, but your soul may be longing to experience intuitive flashes, channeling, meditation and dissolving personal boundaries so you can feel at one with other beings. You can do both, though not always simultaneously. On the other hand you might be an athlete and what your soul longs for is dance, yoga and movement related to expression rather than winning. It’s not a big shift to encompass both of these. (Half hour to Full Hour)

Animal and Other Nature Guides to Nourish your Heart and Relationships. Through meditation, consultation, divination and creative arts, this process will help you find (or expand on) the Animal, Plant, Stone or other Nature Guides that have Heart Wisdom to share with you, those that help you heal your heart and to form loving bonds with others. We’ll end with a shamanic journey in quest of ways you can bring this spiritual relationship into real-time 3-D present day life. (45 minutes to 90 minutes)

Water Element Guided Meditation / Trance Journey and Card Divination.  You’ll choose (or randomly divine) some of the qualities associated with the Water element part of the human psyche and through card divination and journey discover how to support, nourish and evolve these qualities in yourself. (Half Hour to Full Hour)

Your Summer 2021. A short but useful session to divine what works well for you this summer and what doesn’t. Provides practical guidance but doesn’t ‘tell you what to do’, it simply reveals something about the pathways that are open and closed. (Half Hour).  Extended Version included cards for each month and a journey / guided meditation (Full Hour)