Summer 2023 private sessions

Summer’s Gifts – a reading to begin the new season of Summer 2023

What are the potential positive gifts, events, people or inner changes waiting for you this Summer?

This is a 6 card spread using 5 Tarot and 1 Oracle card describing unexpected positive energies or events that are ready to arrive in your life this Summer.

Card 1 – Suggested Approach. The personal approach and attitude to bring to receiving Summer’s Gifts.

Card 2 – An Essential Gift. There’s something important that you’re ready to receive and this card will help you see what that is.

Card 3 – A Potential Ally that will help you recognize and accept this gift.

Card 4 – More Insight into Card 2. The gift may be multi-faceted. This card helps you see and perceive how it may relate to many areas of your life

Card 5 – This Also Wants to Enter and Be Received. It is saying “please let me in, too.”

Card 6 – Spirit Guide (could be an Animal, Plant, Stone, Angel, Rune, Dream Image or other Oracle). A spirit guide who will help you fully accept these gifts.