Solar Eclipse Sessions

(photo: Solar Eclipse Totality over an ocean)


How can divination be a helpful tool for individuals leading up to or right after the eclipse? In the spirit of ‘as above, so below’, why not use this time to consciously understand the solar and lunar aspects of yourself and to divine what is ready to be surrendered to the void of the eclipse and what new stories and abilities you’d like to begin with the New Moon? This Solar Eclipse divination session will help you with that!

The Solar Eclipse August 2017 Tarot & Totem session

The Cards
1.  Your inner Sun, the Shining Ruler, the part of yourself under conscious control
What your focus is on at this time.
2.  Your inner Moon, the Silver Queen, your instinctive, intuitive, emotional & creative drives
What your feelings and subconscious are at work on.
3.  An Animal Guide Bridge who inspires and guides you in
How to build a bridge between your Shining Ruler and the Silver Queen. The Bridge of guide-inspired attitudes and actions that prepare you to make the most of the Eclipse energy.
4.  There will also be Tarot & Animal cards representing the Eclipse Shadow, the Pupil of the Owl’s Eye. The void requests that you surrender something to it.
How to actualize the release.
This describes the energy, actions and spirit guides that helps you shed, unbind and surrender.
5.  The Shedding
What needs to be surrendered to the Void
to be recycled, in other words what you’re so done with.
6.  The Welcomed Birth
What wills to be born to you after the shedding and unbinding.
7.  Animal Guides as Change Supporters
Those spirit beings whose qualities and abilities can inspire and assist you
in growing and tending the change.

You may add a Trance Journey to some of the key animals and Tarot archetypes that appeared in your card reading. In person I’ll drum for you while you journey and receive messages from Spirit World and most often I’ll get visions while I drum to also share with you. If you’re having a long distance session, I will journey with the intention that the messages and guidance you need will come through and then share it with you through a recording.

You may also add Guided Meditation that’s tailored just for you after your card reading and is prepared within 24 hours. The Meditation will reference the key elements of your session. If in person you’ll come back within a few days for the meditation and receive a recording of it. If you’re a distance client, the recording will be sent to you.

Testimonial: From someone who recently had the 45 minute Eclipse session and journey:  “Today was so wonderful. Thank you.  I have so many thoughts and insights. It was such a gift.”

Available for Post-Eclipse sessions this week:
Sunday, August 27th.  2pm – 8pm
Monday, August 28th.  2pm – 8pm
Tuesday, August 29th.  2pm – 8pm
Wednesday, August 30th.  2pm – 8pm
Thursday, August 31st.  2pm – 8pm
Friday, September 1st.  2pm – 7pm
Saturday, September 2nd.  10am – 4pm
Sunday, September 3rd.  4pm – 10pm

Email or call / text 520-306-1701 to schedule your session

Prices and Length of Tarot & Totem Solar Eclipse Sessions
Card Divination:  Half Hour to 45 minutes.  $30 – $45
A Trance Journey or Guided Meditation can be added to your session –
Eclipse Trance Journey based on most significant cards: 15 – 20 minutes.  $15
Eclipse Guided Meditation uniquely designed to deepen the meaning of your card reading $30 You will receive this as a mp3 recording, in Tucson you can experience it in person as well.
To schedule: contact 520-306-1701 or

Location: Private residence near downtown Tucson or by phone, Skype, FB messenger or email.

Card Divination (mp3 and photos of your cards included):

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Eclipse Trance Journey based on most significant cards:  $15   Buy Now Button

Eclipse Guided Meditation based on your cards (mp3 recording):  $30    Buy Now Button