Seasonal Sessions


A SUCCESSFUL HARVEST: Moving Toward Completion of a Project, Goal, Cycle or Life Change. An original Tarot & Totem Offering. This reading can be done at anytime but if you want to align with Lunar Medicine, try this during the Waning Moon.
The cards are laid out  beginning at the bottom of the circle (1) , then forming the left semi circle (2 & 3), then the right semi circle (4 & 5), and finishing with the card at the top (6).
CARD 1.  Project or Goal (Animal Card) at center bottom.
CARD 2.  What’s Working Well (Tarot) clockwise to the left.
CARD 3.  What Needs To Be Added (Tarot) clockwise upper left.
CARD 4.  A Skill or Attitude for Flexibility and Fresh Perspective (Animal) clockwise to the right
CARD 5.  What Is Beyond Your Control (Tarot) clockwise to the lower right
CARD 6.  How to Harvest Your Work Successfully (Tarot) at top center position
See detailed example reading here!

THE BASKET & THE SICKLE – What’s In Store For You This Autumn Season?  This is one of my favorites of all the spreads I’ve designed. See this page especially dedicated to this offering.

Cards for the 3 trimesters (signs) of Autumn

Libra (September 22nd – October 22nd)
Scorpio (October 22nd – November 21st)
Sagittarius (November 21st – December 21st)
Animal Guides Divined
Half Hour: Predictive cards for the 3 trimesters and for Animal Guides that are ready to help you.  $25 – $35 sliding scale. To schedule and pay go here.
45 Minutes: same as half hour + Journey to your animal guides.  $35 – $45 sliding scale. To schedule and pay go here.

THE SHADOW SPREAD – The subconscious is where the Shadow lives and it contains angels, demons and everything in between. Respect, intelligence and caution must be used when approaching it. In your Shadow are powerful emotions, desires and unwanted thoughts; memories, abilities and puzzling experiences; spirits, ghosts and wild ambitions. The intent of this spread is to help you identify helpful and healing parts of your Shadow and to inspire you to find ways to get to know and accept these hidden parts of your psyche and self.  At the beginning of the session, the intention is firmly set and bound that only helpful, constructive and beneficial energies will be revealed by the cards. 45 minutes. $35 – $55 sliding scale. To schedule and pay go here.

FATE AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Looks at what IS NOT changeable at this time and what IS open to create and transform through your free will and effort. The FATE cards show which tendencies, patterns and people are a part of you and your life whether you desire it to be so or not. For now, they are part of your FATE. To know what you can and can’t change, what situations will respond to your efforts and which are immoveable, helps you use your energy and time in ways that are purposeful and enjoyable and helps you avoid futile efforts. The CREATE cards represent the areas of your life that are the most responsive to Law of Attraction techniques such as Intention, Visualization, Magick, Desire and other methods of Co-Creating with Life Energy. These areas respond well to your efforts, thoughts and emotions and you can make  lot of progress!  45 minutes. $35 – $55 sliding scale. To schedule and pay go here.

TO DO AND NOT TO DO. Guidance for a Specific Time Span or
MAKE IT SO! Guidance and New Perspectives for Reaching A Goal.
All guidance and interpretation is sought to fulfill your greatest good.  This simple, to-the-point spread can give general guidance of how to make the best of a specific time period like a month, a moon phase, or a season., but no more than 6 months.  It’s also a wonderfully adaptive spread for guidance and new perspectives on how to achieve a goal or make progress. Questions can be asked about relationship, career, health, spiritual growth or other areas of life.  You can choose either a half hour or 45 minute card session. You may add a trance journey for deepening the spiritual connection with the session’s content or receive a guided meditation designed specifically for you,  To schedule and pay go here.

TAROT ASTROLOGY FOR FALL – Your Natal Chart and how the chart for the Autumn Equinox impacts it. For more details, please see this page.