Winter Sessions

Winter Sessions

WHEEL OF THE YEAR is future oriented, looking at the coming year.  It’s especially appropriate for New Year’s or at one’s birthday.  There are two choices of types of wheel – It can be done with 12 positions for the 12 months of the year, or 8 positions that include winter and summer solstice, spring and fall equinox, and the cross-quarter days in between. This is a one hour session.

WINTER’S TREASURES. This spread is used to understand and befriend the Winter energy in your life over the next few months. Traditionally this is a time of inwardness, thinking and dreaming up what’s to come in the next year, and for enjoying closeness to those near and dear to you, and to those forgotten or seldom seen parts of yourself. Winter is also an excellent time for healing through deep sleep and self care.
Winter’s Treasure Spread
1 – Winter’s Fire – The center of the cave, a guiding and warming light for the next three months
2 – Going Within – Inner discovery and introspection that is meaningful and fruitful
3 – Dreamtime – What presents itself in your sleeping dreams and waking reveries
4 – Meditation / Healing Silence – What is revealed or understood through meditation and other quiet practices of the soul and psyche
5 – Patience – How you are taught the value of patience, waiting and timing
6 – Befriending the Darkness – A part of life that’s ready for shadow play and work
7 – Slowing the Pace – There’s much to gain by being slow and thorough in this area
8 – Begone – A personal quality to release that no longer serves you
9 – Be – A personal quality you possess that will continue to serve you well
10 – Become – A quality to develop within yourself over the next 3 months

45 Minutes, add 15 minutes for creating affirmations and processes that will help you follow though on your goals. You can make your payment here


FATE AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Looks at what IS NOT changeable at this time and what IS open to create and transform through your free will and effort. The FATE cards show which tendencies, patterns and people are a part of you and your life whether you desire it to be so or not. For now, they are part of your FATE. To know what you can and can’t change, what situations will respond to your efforts and which are immovable, helps you use your energy and time in ways that are purposeful and enjoyable and helps you avoid futile efforts. The CREATE cards represent the areas of your life that are the most responsive to Law of Attraction techniques such as Intention, Visualization, Magick, Desire and other methods of Co-Creating with Life Energy. These areas respond well to your efforts, thoughts and emotions and you can make  lot of progress!  45 minutes.


TO DO AND NOT TO DO. Guidance for a Specific Time Span or
MAKE IT SO! Guidance and New Perspectives for Reaching A Goal.
All guidance and interpretation is sought to fulfill your greatest good.  This simple, to-the-point spread can give general guidance of how to make the best of a specific time period like a month, a moon phase, or a season., but no more than 6 months.  It’s also a wonderfully adaptive spread for guidance and new perspectives on how to achieve a goal or make progress. Questions can be asked about relationship, career, health, spiritual growth or other areas of life.  You can choose either a half hour or 45 minute card session. You may add a trance journey for deepening the spiritual connection with the session’s content or receive a guided meditation designed specifically for you,  To schedule and pay go here.

TAROT ASTROLOGY FOR WINTER – Your Natal Chart and how the chart for the Winter Solstice impacts it. For more details, please see this page.  


Summer Solstice.  June 21, 2019.  9am MST/PDT

Summer – Now until September 21st. Readings about the ways your Fire abilities (creating, exploring and extroversion) and Water ways of being (feelings, imagination, relationships) can combine to bring out the best in you. Find the balanced way that the elements of fire and water create together. Fire (your ambition) doesn’t have to evaporate water (your sensitivity), and water doesn’t have to douse and put out the fire.  Together they get something really good and spicy cooking!

The 3 Trimesters of Summer:  Cancer, Leo & Virgo
Cards and other intuitive messages that help in seeing the resources, opportunities and challenges of Summer. We take both a an overview of how the Summer season fits into your entire world, and also peer into each zodiac “month” of the season, for the overall energy and important events of that time.

Soul Evolution:  Archetypal Life Flow. The soul has its own path of growth and longing for new experiences. Sometimes this path is congruent to the one you walk and explore in your outer life, and sometimes it may be very different. In this session you’ll use divination through Tarot and Animal cards to listen to your soul’s longing and find out how you can support it.

Animal and Other Nature Guides to Nourish your Heart and Relationships. Through meditation, consultation, divination and creative arts, this process will help you find (or expand on) the Animal, Plant, Stone or other Nature Guides that have Heart Wisdom to share with you

Water Element Guided Meditation / Trance Journey and Card Divination.  Through card divination and journey you’ll discover how to support, nourish and evolve water qualities in yourself and your life

Your Summer 2019. A short but useful session to divine what works well for you this summer and what doesn’t.