PISCES 2021 – Birthdays and Readings

 Celebrating PISCES

 Two Tarot cards related to Pisces are The Moon (above from Wheel of Change Tarot), archetype of mysticism, the witchy, the mysterious inner wilderness and intuition and the Ace of Cups, (above from Thoth Tarot) essence of the Water element, that often signals an intense emotional opening of the Heart, sensing a direction connection to Great Spirit and a longing to merge with others.

Could you or your Pisces loved one use some intuitive guidance, symbols or messages at this time? If so, you may want to try a Tarot & Totem session or other healing and intuitive service with me to initiate your personal new year. All services are offered via Zoom or phone at this time because of the pandemic. Zoom has been working very well, and you receive an audio recording and photos of the cards afterward. Phone works fine too.

Here are a few suggestions –
The Balanced and Deep reading of two separate card spreads, one about what to focus on in the outer world for your greatest good, and the second spread brings symbols and guidance about how to feed and nourish your soul and inner life.

The Closure Spread shines a light on how to move on from a destructive, draining habit or pattern.

The Inner Child is a short and sweet reading looking at how your Adult and Inner Child selves are interacting and the gifts they have for each other.
5 Layers of Identity looks at the Inner Voice, Social Persona, Subconscious, Karmic and Spiritual selves / beings within you.
Wheel of the Year is predictive of what may arise for you in the next 12 months.
Growing your relationship with your Nature Guides and Allies includes cards, affirmations and a journey or two.
Tarot Astrology can be done for Natal Charts, particular transits, north and south node pathfinder work, relationship insight, and Saturn returns

Or, we could consult the cards about whatever situation, interest or goal in your life you’d like more insight into.

Journeys, Guided Meditations, and purely intuitive messages are also available.
If you’d like to treat yourself to a session, please contact me by emailing merriewolfie@gmail.com or text 520-306-1701 and most likely an appointment can be quickly scheduled so it’s close to your birthday.


As the final sign of the Zodiac year, Pisces power helps you to satisfy and release old Karma. Any attraction you’ve felt to mysticism, past lives, magick, intoxication and psychedelic states of consciousness likely increases during Pisces season or if your Natal planets and sensitive points are in Pisces. When Venus entered Pisces on February 25th, perhaps the erotic and romantic become more kinky and imaginative, but also may be transient, so maybe don’t take the new or revived crush too too seriously. As Venus transits Pisces, it’s a great time to garden, bake and spoil your pets and kids with love.

What a gift it is to have a full Zodiac month to devote to dissolving, taking apart, clearing or cleansing all the old gunk that may have gathered within, whether spiritual, emotional, mental or physical. 2020 beat up many folks with the strain of isolation, plans put on hold, the political violence, the world wide realizations about police and racial violence. Can you believe that it’s less than 9 months since George Floyd was murdered in cold blood by a policeman in front of a crowd of people? It was a very long, painful year. This Pisces season attend to the ways you’ve stored up that intensity, heartbreak and anxiety. Set an intention to release it or transform it into something more fluid and useful.

Pisces and the 12th House accentuate the calling to be of service to individuals and to the hopeful evolution toward a more humane and generous vibe for our species. Sometimes the adjective ‘selfless’ gets stuck onto Pisces, but the word fluidity feels more true to me – non-binary, beyond dualism, many-selved, extremely empathetic and compassionate, and the need to better the world and/or individual lives. No surprise that many healers, stewards of the Earth who protect animals and plants, social workers, animal rescuers and therapists enjoy pronounced Pisces energy in their natal charts. Pisces isn’t selfless in the sense of low self-worth. it. Pisces nature feels a powerful emotional and telepathic bond to many many life forms.

Oh, almost forgot! Your night time REM theater can be especially active while the Sun’s in Pisces and deliver needed subconscious messages whether they’re beautiful visions or SOS rescue calls. Telepathic, psychic and intuitive messages may also come more frequently, in waking and dream consciousness.