New Year 2018 Private Sessions

Good Medicine for 2018
Half Hour Session  ( a journey, guided meditation or and/affirmation work can be added)
Card 1  What is missing that would make a positive difference in your life if you could find / recover it?  This is a medicine that’s needed.
Card 2  What’s hanging around that is bad medicine or a harmful influence that it is holding you back or hurting you? This is an energy that needs to be cleared.
Card 3  A past influence that’s active in your life no
Card 4  A gift available to you in the present
Card 5  A helpful way to look or attitude to take toward the future as you enter 2018
Card 6  A human who is having an impact on you right now – could be a helper, could be an obstacle.
Card 7  & 8  Animal Guides with helpful lessons and guidance for you

The Karmic Threads of early 2018
Half Hour Session  ( a journey, guided meditation or and/affirmation work can be added)
Top horizontal row of 3 cards:  A story from a past  or parallel life that’s having an impact on your lift at this time
Middle row of 3 cards:  A story playing out in the here and now in your life
Bottom row of 3 cards:  The future karma / lesson that is beginning to form as a result of these stories (can be changed if you want to)

The cards form a 3 x 3 grid and are read horizontally, vertically and diagonally to reveal how these story threads are intertwined. If you receive this reading you’re encouraged to use your imagination and converse about the stories you see unfolding in the cards. If we’re doing a long distance session, I’ll choose the cards and send you the photo during the reading so you can participate in this way. Most people who take a chance on this spread love it!

Expanding Circles Of Energy – A card and journey session
1 Hour
The layout is in concentric circles
Center Card:  describes something significant about the atmosphere within you at the core
1st Expansion:  describes your auric field
2nd Expansion:  describes the energy of your immediate environment (where you spend the most time)
3rd Expansion:  describes the energy of your most significant community and your interactions with it
4th Expansion:  describes the general spirit or tone of everyone in your city, town, state, nation.
The cards will help reveal what’s healthy balanced in your fields and what may be harmful or need work. Then you’ll go on a 10-15 minute trance journey with a little guided meditation to prompt you as you visit each expansion.  Afterwards you and I will put the messages we received together to discover what needs to be changed or cleared and how to get it done.