New Moon Sessions

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May New Moon Private Sessions

By Zoom, or Phone. All times are Pacific
Friday May 19th Noon-6pm
Saturday May 20th  11am-3pm

The New Moon is associated with birth and early childhood, sweetness, innocence and imagination.
Generosity and gift-giving too!
This spread gleans the gifts your Inner Child and Adult Self have to share with each other.

The spread is a diamond shape, Position the cards as the 4 points of a Diamond. 1 at bottom, 2 at top, 3 to the left, 4 to the right.
Sliding Scale: $15-$20

 Below Card 1: Your inner child
Above Card 2: You as you are now
Left Card 3: The gift you can give your inner child
Right Card 4: The gift your inner child brings to you

Inner Child Layout

Guidance about your allies and successful actions and attitudes for the next Lunar Month

All guidance and interpretation is sought to fulfill your greatest good.  This simple, to-the-point spread can give general guidance of how to make the best of a specific time period like a month, a moon phase, or a season., but no more than 6 months.
Tarot Card 1. Ally and Resources (could be inner resources or from elsewhere)
Tarot Card 2. A successful  and productive action or attitude
Tarot Card 3. An outer obstacle or opponent
Tarot Card 4. A futile action or attitude that’s a waste of your time and energy.  Beware this wild goose chase!
Two Animal Cards are chosen.
First Animal teaches a helpful personal quality to call on during your endeavor or this time span.
Second Animal warns of a personal quality that is not helpful or supportive at this time.
Finally Tarot Card 5. What is achieved, the outcome.

For this session you can choose either a half hour or 45 minute card session. You may add a trance journey for deepening the spiritual connection with the session’s content or receive a guided meditation designed specifically for you. Click here for Scheduling, Price and Payment details

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT – The Lunar Way.  30 minutes. ($30)
Card 1 – Your project this month
Card 2 – New Moon week (begin)
Card 3 – Quarter moon week (nourish)
Card 4 – Full moon week (expand and shine)
Card 5 – Three-quarter moon week (attention to detail, pruning and flourishing)

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A six card reading that through divination whispers and hints at what the next stage of experience is that your soul longs for. Sometimes the Soul’s evolution and desires are quite different from a person’s day-to-day plans and interests. Soul needs attention, as do all the other parts of your self. But since Soul softly sings, intimates, whispers and reveals itself in dreamtime, it is sometimes unheard, unremembered or neglected. 45 minutes.  ($45)

Archetypal Life Flow: Soul Evolution Layout
Card 1 – Archetypal Energy that is arising on a soul level (Tarot  Major)
Card 2 – The day to day situations that help you nourish and welcome in this archetype  (Tarot Minor)
Card 3 – The personality type that catalyzes this change in you – these can be other people, guides and parts of yourself (Tarot Court)
Card 4 – Begone: A quality that has served you well, but is no longer helpful (Animal card)
Card 5 – Be:  A quality that is well developed in you and is still very helpful and authentic (Animal card)
Card 6 – Become:  A new quality to develop in yourself that supports your highest good and soul evolution (Animal card)

To schedule and purchase your session, see the Payment & Scheduling page