Navigating 2021

From the Druid Craft Tarot

Here are four wise choices of personal sessions for navigating your trip through 2021.

Two new sessions have been developed for 202!.

Karmic Threads of Duty, Path, Love and Play. Explores past/parallel lives as well as karma accrued in your past during this lifetime. What has gathered from these times to steer your direction this year, especially regarding: Duty. Path. Love. Play. This private session will include intuitive messages, journeying, animal guides and Tarot cards. 90 minutes or one hour.

Compassionate and Active Relationships with Nature and Nature Guides. Specifically for those whose relationships to animals, plants and other forms are nature are as or more important than their connections to human beings.  This session focuses on forming ideas and practices to increase your dedication and pinpoint actions to honor, help, learn from and partner with Nature guides. This session includes cards, intuitive messages, guided meditation and a journey. Suggested as one 90 minute session, but can be two 45 minute sessions had over a one month span.

These two well loved favorites have been available for many years to consult when close to the New Year, Birthdays or other beginnings. Wheel of the Year and Balanced and Deep.

Balanced & Deep is one session that includes two card layouts.  The first spread is Steeriing Your Course which helps you intuit and name what to focus on in your outer world for your greatest good.  The other spread is Soul Evolution: Archetypal Life Flow that looks at what you’d like to experience and learn on a Soul level at this time.  This is a one hour session and for birthday readings there’s a journey or guided meditation added free of charge.

Wheel of The Year, is future oriented, and looks forward to each month of the next year and something significant that occurs or unfolds that month. This is a one hour session.

To schedule, contact Merrie at or phone/text at (520) 306-1701.

Sliding Scale Prices are Half Hour $25 – $35. 45 Minutes $35 – $55. One Hour $45 – $75. 90 Minutes $70-$110. Two Hours $100 – $140. To purchase your session, please use or the payment buttons on the Payment & Scheduling page.