Nature Guides & Wisdom

Spiritual Bonding and Guidance From Nature

This 45 minute or one hour session helps you track your connection to Nature Guides and to connect with and understand their gifts and wisdom and specific meaning in your life.

ONE: If you already know the Animal(s) you want to explore, the session will consist of a card reading that unfolds their meaning in your life and how you can further develop your relationship to them.

TWO: Next, there’s a trance journey to bring your subconscious, the spirit world, primal mind and imagination into the picture. An emotional / spiritual bond may also be felt.

THREE: Then we work together to help you find a creative action that celebrates and honors connection with the Animal Spirit Guide. This might be making a shrine, visiting a place where the animal may be, eating in a particular way, creating affirmations, poems, art … or something else. Everyone’s creative honoring will be unique.

Sliding Scale: $35 – $55 for 45 minutes. $45 – $75 for one hour.
Details about Scheduling, Prices and Payment