Mars transit Gemini sessions

Mars in Gemini. August 20, 2022 – March 25, 2023

Mars enters Gemini on August 20th, 2022.

Mars retrogrades in the sign at 25 degrees on October 30th, 2022.

Mars direct at 8 degrees Gemini on January 12, 2023.

Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer on March 25, 2023.


Readings. You may have all 3 readings in a One Hour session or have just one or two of them. One House sessions are sliding scale $45-$75. The separate sessions would be $20-$30 each. Tarot Astrology can be added, please go here for more info.


Reading 1:  Mars in Gemini: Navigate the outer world.

Consider a part of your life where you want to bring Mars passion and the drive for self-expression but also need the ability to get along and cooperate with others who might be very different from you. This isn’t about just tolerating them, but finding what you can love or at least respect about them. You’ll do 3-card readings for each other on this issue:

Card 1 = You; Card 2 = The Other; Card 3 (or more) = Advice


Reading 2:  Mars in Gemini:  Animus exploration.

Card 1 = Your Animus (not as in enemy) in Jungian psychology is the inner emperor/husband/father/yang who you may project onto people in the outer world because it’s difficult for you to own ‘him’. (The inner yin/feminine/soul is called Anima)

Cards 2-4 = The Dream, Symbol or Myth that will help you to better know and perceive your Animus.  There are at least 3 cards that represent this awakener.

Final Card = A Ceremony or Ritual to marry/accept your Animus.


Reading 3: Refining your Mars in Gemini experience

One of the pitfalls of this transit is that silver-tongued Gemini finesse with interpersonal relationships can be misused by Mars willfulness.

During this transit manipulation, passive-aggression and/or deceit to get what one wants may be more frequent, coming from you and toward you.  This may result in a short term win but a loss of the opportunity for positive growth in developing closer, more honest and passionate relationships.

This is a 2 card reading to reveal how to recognize if you’re falling into one or more of this pitfalls and how to remedy that (because we will all be tempted)

Card 1 = How to recognize when you’re taking the low road or path of deceit during the Mars Gemini transit.

Card 2 = How to get back on the positive, benevolent road.


More about Mars in Gemini …

You can think of astrological Mars as testosterone, we all need some for get up and go, to be zesty and lusty and confident, but testosterone also plays a starring role in bar fights, bullying and recklessness. The Emperor or Knight of Wands (Air + Fire) are usually Mars’ assigned Tarot cards. Gemini traits are love of communication, learning, sharing,  friendships, flirting and romantic companionship. Gemini nature can be quite complicated and even fickle, easily seeing both sides of any situation and being curious about everyone. Gemini symbol is The Twins and its major arcana, the Lovers card, usually depicts a ritual of partnership commitment and symbols representing how complex that can be, because people are complex. 

All issues about communication, whether business or personal, may be super-charged by Mars. An increase in confidence and initiative can spur you to success, making new social and career connections. There’s a sincere desire to expand your social circle and the breadth of your knowledge