Mars in Capricorn ~ Choosing Steps Carefully When Full of Drive and Ambition

Mars in Capricorn ~ Choosing Steps Carefully When Full of Drive and Ambition

Mars is in Capricorn from March 17 to May 15, 2018.  

Mars is your get-up-and-go, ambitious, driven, lusty and sometimes tempestuous energy. It’s kind of similar to testosterone.

Capricorn is very ambitious and success-oriented too, but is sober, careful and calculated. The challenges of this transit impatience, frustration and some inner conflict about whether to take life slowly, step-by-step or to rush headstrong toward goals. BUT the gifts of this transit far outweigh the challenges. Capricorn grounding Mars energy creates the mindset toward achievement and the the confidence that you’ll reach your goal.

The bright fiery energy of Mars can be harnessed and put to tasks that help achieve what is highly valued especially if Mars qualities like creativity, charisma and self-confidence are evoked and given lots of room to express themselves.

Perhaps Capricorn can seduce impulsive and action-oriented Mars with exciting rewards. Think of it as your inner CEO assigning her most intelligent and driven employee with important tasks to build a strong, prosperous future. This will gratify Mars need to feel important and successful and Capricorn’s desire to be productive toward creating long time wealth and resources.

Would you like a personal reading to see how you can make the best of Mars in Capricorn for the next two months to accomplish long-lasting goals and harnessing your inner fiery desires and ambition?

An example would be putting in long hours at some not so exciting task like accounting, publicity and research with the goal of stabilizing your income. The boring work of learning online might be used to offer exciting creative content in an unusual context. It might expand Mars loves extension and does not like being sent in

Note: Both Mars and Capricorn are known for a large capacity for anger and rage. Be sure to have a healthy physical outlet over the next 2 months to put that fire to good use. Backpack? Dance? Kickbox? It will help prevent the excess heat causing you to hastily over react then faced with obstacles or to take out your frustrations on the nearest innocent person or object.