Journey Sessions

For Spring:  A Spring Journey session will be different for everyone. The journey opens the gate to the spirit world and whatever animal or other nature guide, or sometimes an ancestor, appears and wants to communicate will be the teacher. They may teach with straightforward guidance or through a story or very symbolically.

Before the journey,  an intention will be set.  A recommended one is “What guide do you have for ______ that’s beneficial for them this Spring”. If you have a more specific issue or situation you want explored, that intention can be set too.  I am an interpreter of the messages  but not in control of the content. It can be surprising!

The journey I take for you usually lasts for 10-12 minutes and then an mp3 recording is made of what was seen, heard and felt as the message for you Sometimes the  journey is recorded as it unfolds, but that’s not always for the best.

We can also do this in person where we both journey and relate what happened. This is a longer process and isn’t available at the lowest price.

Many people are satisfied with the recorded journey, but some would like to further explore the messages. You can do this with us having a phone consultation and possibly some cards can be drawn to elaborate on the messages through divination.

This service is between $15 – $60 depending on length of time. If you wonder what it’s all about, you might want to start with the $15. Thank you for considering a Personal Journey.

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