Decisions with Two Options

Here are just 4 of many helpful ways to use the guidance of Tarot & Totem when faced with (or having the opportunity to) make an important decisions.

When you have two choices, one that stays within your norm aka your comfort zone and one that is more challenging but may also be more rewarding and assist your growth. The layout is based on the 6-pointed Star of David, composed of upward and downward pointing triangles.

The Two Choices Spread . Layout based on the Star of David. Inspired by Alexandra Genetti, creator of the Wheel of Change Tarot
Best used when making a decision about a single issue and are considering two options. , when you have an either do this or do that situation.
Option One. Cards 1, 2 & 3 = The choice that is closest to your comfort zone
Option Two.  Cards 4, 5 & 6 = The choice that is outside your comfort zone
Card 7 = An Animal whose qualities and medicine have guidance for you regarding this issue

The Past cards represent what is influencing you most from the past to choose that option. The Present cards are how you currently think and feel about the choice. The Future cards represent likely outcomes of each particular option. You can see the past, present, future flow for each choice. It allows for more depth. The two Past cards can be compared to see which motivation seems right and best for you, and the same for the two Present and two Future cards. You may understand the situation and yourself much better after using this spread, and know what your preference is.

Star Of David Decision Making
The Two Choices