2020 Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarian Full Moon – Ingenious and Strange

Note: You’ll first choose three Animal or Oracle Cards
 Card 1 Sun – (conscious rational self)
shines upon the
Card 2 Moon – (emotional, intuitive, instinctive self)
whose light creates a
Card 3 A Silvery Landscape – softly lights up and reveals something that’s been waiting in the dark.
* * * * *
Cards 4 & 5 – A unique, strange or weird part of you to cherish and respect – 1 Animal & 1 Tarot card
Card 6 – What stimulates your intellect and imagination at this time – Tarot card
Card 7 – Your relationship to Technology – Tarot card
Card 8 – How you’re relating to Groups and Friendships – Tarot card
Card 9 – How Can You Help? (Compassion and Humanitarian Works – Tarot card)
For 2018 Aquarius Full Moon two cards are added at the end of this reading to represent conjunctions with the Moon.
Card 10 – Mars Retrograde conjunct Full Moon card. Chill and Plan. – During Mars retrograde, there’s usually a drop in energy level, sex drive and ambition. However it’s a good time to contemplate what you want in the future as far as career, physical energy and health, and sexual pleasure. The future is not too far away. Mars leaves the doldrums and stations direct on August 27th.
Card 11 – South Node conjunct Full Moon. The Bog. Reveals an area where you feel stuck or stagnant, can’t get traction or have a lot of karmic baggage.

This Full Moon in Aquarius reading can be either 45 minutes or one hour long. To purchase a reading and for scheduling information please go here.  Shorter readings concerning Mars Retrograde are also offered.

Interpretations of cards chosen:

Card 1 – Sun – Moose carries the energy of self-respect, self-worth, and eldership She will be conscious of her desire to be recognized and honored for achievement and knowledge.
Card 2 – Moon – Dog – Her soul and heart will be filled with the need for affection, fun and loyalty to self, family and long time friends. The desire to belong and share her intuitive gifts with others is strong.
Card 3 – What is revealed or expanded? – Hawk – This full moon spotlights the client’s ability to receive and send telepathic messages – to and from many kinds of spirits and beings. Also, she connects to inner yang/male energy and finds courage. She develops a spiritual connection with Loving Spirit Father. She may find greater appreciation for the well-meaning supportive males in her life. A lot of healing of old fear and anger is possible! Increased confidence to expand inner spiritual and telepathic experiences prompts her to share her gift with others.
Cards 4 & 5 – Precious weirdness. Star and Horse – The client is ‘weird’ in her mystical inclinations and ability to perceive knowledge and inspiration directly from Source. This gift may seem spooky to others who need linear communication and thinking. There’s no need to worry about that. More radiance and spiritual joy will be received when she cherishes her gift. The forward motion and confidence of Horse guides her to keep exploring new realms. Others may think she’s strangely restless, but part of her path is to explore both the visible and invisible worlds.
Card 6 – Feed Your Mind. 4 of Cups – The client’s imagination and intellect is stimulated by wanting to understand relationship, love and creativity. Following her curiosity, she can discover new paths to much-needed emotional healing. If there’s been emotional instability, new ways to stabilize can be learned. She’s can be nourished by the creative arts of others which helps her begin or resume creating her own work. This card teaches that consciousness expands when we learn how to build stable, long-lasting, honest relationships. Becoming vulnerable and intimate leads to the womb of creativity. At this time, mental fascination actually leads the client to the healing waters.
Card 7- Technology. The Hermit – The client is advised to take a skeptical attitude toward technology. Become more aware of how social media in particular conditions and exploit weaknesses of human nature regardless of content. Be less impressed with bells and whistles and newest upgrades. Hermit archetype is telling her she needs to avoid harmful distractions, subconscious re-programming and mass social conditioning. Instead take a scientific attitude. Witness the impact of technology, especially in the social and political world. Hermit is the voice in the wilderness that warns of corruption. She may find herself playing this role because Hermit is also the wise philosopher who insists on living their truth.
Card 8 – Groups and Friendships. The World – So many lessons have been learned, mistakes made, successes celebrated. In many ways it’s time for the client to move on from her usual social groups and begin a new chapter. The World is the final major archetype in a long journey and is both an ending and a beginning. ‘One door opens, the other’s left behind”. Choosing groups and friendships that allow for major change and transition will be good for her. Bid the others a fond farewell.
Card 9 – How To Be Of Help. Humanitarian energy. 2 of Disks – Being conscious of the dance of polarities is healthy and balancing! Be needy as well as giving, passive as well as activated, fiercely opinionated and then open to changing that opinion. The message for the client is – do not totally identify with any stance, feeling, thought. Flexibility brings healing and compassion and change. Try sometimes to see life from the point of view of the other or even the ‘enemy’. This will freshen awareness and compassion. It will ease the pressure of hatred and division. To serve humanity and the greatest good, put aside the war of dualities and complete one-sidedness, dance with ‘otherness’, and be more flexible.

Card 10 – Mars Retrograde conjunct Full Moon. Opossum. When threatened, Possum knows how to divert the attention of the attacker by freaking them out as she plays dead, foams at the mouth and stiffens into rigor mortis. Fine acting chops! The message during this retrograde (until August 27th) is that it’s best for the client to refrain from engaging in arguments and showdowns or responding to being baited/trolled. Wait on making commitments that require a lot of energy. Hang loose like a possum who wraps her tail around a tree branch and swings in the leaves, safe from predators. Or simply play dead or clueless.
Card 11 – South Node conjunct Full Moon. 5 of Swords. This version of the 5 of Swords has a meaning different from the usual. It’s about pruning connections and commitments that are sapping strength from the client’s life. Cut back now in order to prosper and grow later. This is a good time for her to get closure on long standing emotional matters, as well as financial and legal issues. Between now and August 11th (the New Moon) she can cut free from some heavy karmic baggage.

This Full Moon in Aquarius reading can be either 45 minutes or one hour long. To purchase a reading and for scheduling information please go here.  Shorter readings concerning Mars Retrograde are also offered.