Full Moon Private Sessions

This session is appropriate during any Full Moon

The Full Moon is an auspicious time to ‘Bring what is hidden into the light’
This statement may give the impression that something deep, dark or shameful is going to emerge from the shadows. But sometimes, what you have lost sight of is forgotten or hidden loves, talents, genius, desire, happiness, joy.  It’s a psychological truth that when a person’s in denial about their pain, anger and fear, their positive feelings also become more distant and unknown.  Alongside repressed negativity and dullness are repressed joy and brilliance!
The Full Spectrum session is designed to help you connect with the treasures within that have been repressed or are unknown territory. The card layout forms a radiant geometry. Blue cards are Tarot, Green cards are Animal guides.  The cards tell the story of repressed or forgotten parts of Self that are ready to come into the Light (Consciousness) by the grace of the Moon (Soul).
This ONE HOUR SESSION includes:
* A card reading that explores ‘What within you, either dark, light or something else, is ready to safely emerge and be integrated into your life and self?’
* A short, guided trance journey to the spirit of moonlight to help you make contact with the creative sparkle within. The intention is to help you communicate with fresh inspiration, spirit guides, visions or something else related to creativity and full moon energy.
* An integration period that may (if needed) include a healing technique that helps you consciously and mindfully dissolve energy cords or habits / patterns that are ready to be released.

One Hour Full Moon Spectrum Session. Sliding Scale: $40 – $80:
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FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS TAROT & TOTEM READING.  This full moon occurs on July 27, 2018 at 1:20pm. The Moon is conjunct Mars retrograde and the South Node. There’s also a full lunar eclipse that’s visible from time zones where this phase occurs during the night.

This is the Tarot spread developed a few years ago for an Aquarius Full Moon. In addition to these cards, this year we will add a card for both Mars Retrograde (inner fire / anger) and the South Node (old conditioning that does more harm than good) which are both in a tight conjunction with this moon. These cards will be next to the Moon card and the 3 will will form a unique energy together.  Here’s the description of the other cards …


The Lusty Goat and the Noble Horse. Full Moon in Capricorn reading  (cards from the Tarot of the Wild Unknown)


During Capricorn Full Moons the push-pull tension is between the desire for personal and material gratification from hard work  (Moon in Capricorn/Priestess & Devil cards) and the desire to selflessly pursue a heroic path or to protect what one feels is just and right.  (Sun in Cancer / Sun & Chariot cards) .  

The questions borne by this Full Moon are: 

Card 1 Moon in Capricorn. Your feelings and subconscious impulse toward satisfying your desires for pleasure, wealth and power.
Card 2  Sun in Cancer.  Your conscious decision to be dedicated to a path that is bigger than you, than brings out your nobility.
Card 3  A part of your life where it would be very beneficial for you to say yes to desires for pleasure and material rewards.
Card 4   Creativity is nourished by questioning your taboos. How can you remove unnecessary limits you’ve placed on yourself.
Card 5  A goal or a path that you were born to pursue?  (This is not the only one, of course!)
Card 6  How can you stay energized and move forward toward your personal prime directives without burning out?
Card 7  Animal Guide that helps you discern how to pursue pleasure and material rewards in healthy ways
Card 8   Animal Guide that inspires you to stay true to your purpose or the cause that’s most important to you.

Half Hour. Add 15 minutes to create affirmations or enjoy a trance journey to further explore the messages of the session. 
Schedule by contacting Merrie at 520-306-1701 or merriewolfie@gmail.com.
$25 – $35 sliding scale.

To schedule contact 520-306-1701 or merriewolfie@gmail.com

Half Hour Sliding Scale $25 – $35

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45 Minute (includes affirmations or journey) $35 – $55

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