Full Moon Sessions

There are 2 spreads this month. Full Moon in Taurus and the Full Spectrum Spread (scroll down for it)

Friday – Saturday.  November 3rd and 4th

Pull 1 card for the Moon position that represents your intuitive, changeable and subconscious attitude at this time. Place it in the upper right.
Pull 1 card for the Sun position that represents your stability and confidence. Place it in the upper left.
Pull 1 card for You, The World. You are your own amazing eco-system, a cellular, glandular, breathing, thinking, feeling person-planet. Place the card in the lower middle as in the illustration
Take a while to ponder and find the meanings in just these 3 cards. They can reveal a lot!  The Sun is a rational and confident energy. Moon is the subconscious, creativity and feeling. The World is the subject: You.

Other cards can be pulled to clarify the 3 cards Sun, Moon, World for some or all of the questions below. For the sake of balance, try to choose the same number of questions from both the Taurus and the Scorpio set.

TAURUS The Bull, The Hierophant  (place these cards below the Moon)
* Your true wealth, something you value
* What you can always depend on.
* A Spirit guide for creating stability in your life.
* The next thing for you to take possession of: this could be a thing, an experience, or something else

SCORPIO The change agent, Death / Metamorphosis
* That within you that must perish so you can truly live
* The issue(s) that require an intense, revolutionary honesty
* A spirit guide for shapeshifting stuck energy and creating new forms.
* Which limitations within you are ready to be released.

Length: 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Recording and photos of cards included.
To schedule: contact 520-306-1701 or email merriewolfie@gmail.com.
Price and payment information here. You can pay on line or in cash in person.


FULL SPECTRUM Full Moon Session
This session is appropriate during any Full Moon.

The Full Moon is an auspicious time to ‘Bring what is hidden into the light’
This statement may give the impression that something deep, dark or shameful is going to emerge from the shadows. But sometimes, what you have lost sight of is forgotten or hidden loves, talents, genius, desire, happiness, joy.  It’s a psychological truth that when a person’s in denial about their pain, anger and fear, their positive feelings also become more distant and unknown.  Alongside repressed negativity and dullness are repressed joy and brilliance!
The Full Spectrum session is designed to help you connect with the treasures within that have been repressed or are unknown territory. The card layout forms a radiant geometry. Blue cards are Tarot, Green cards are Animal guides. These tell the story of repressed or forgotten parts of Self that are ready to come into the Light (Consciousness) of the Moon (Soul / Creativity)
This ONE HOUR SESSION includes:
* A card reading that explores ‘What within you, either dark, light or something else, is ready to safely emerge and be integrated into your life and self?’
* A short, guided trance journey to the spirit of moonlight to help you make contact with the creative sparkle within. The intention is to help you communicate with fresh inspiration, spirit guides, visions or something else related to creativity and full moon energy.
* An integration period that may (if needed) include a healing technique that helps you consciously and mindfully dissolve energy cords or habits / patterns that are ready to be released.
Prices for the one hour FULL SPECTRUM Full Moon Session are sliding scale between $45 and $75 and can be securely prepaid on line here or in cash at time of session