Full Moon Private Sessions

All kinds of divination and energy work are intensified and blessed under the Full Moon. Here are two sessions, Full Spectrum Moonlight.

Full Moon in Scorpio aka The Flower Moon readings
Friday May 5th, 10am – 6pm
In person, on Zoom or by phone

The Moon is in the opposite sign of the Sun at every Full Moon, and this month the practical, change-averse Taurus Sun that focuses on family values is balanced by the wild, transformative, profound Scorpio Moon.
In divination Full Moons help bring what has been hidden into the light or allowing you to have new thoughts and feelings about a stuck situation, so they  are auspicious times for any kind of reading.
The Scorpio Full Moon in particular is is attuned to these subjects:
Values and traditions – what’s valid and what may have turned toxic
Birth and death – Making room for growth. Cutting away what is dead or dying.
Creating new rituals and traditions that serve a new path for you. If you are ready to flower, you’ll need to make some changes to be sure you have the metaphorical sunlight, soil, pollinators and attention you need. It’s time to get rid of anything that might strangle or prevent your growth.
What do you need to allow your passion and creativity to flourish?
Living your life with more depth and passion
What can you let go of that’s causing discontent or boredom? What will you replace it with?
Bring purposeful action and creativity to areas of your life where you’ve been passive or stuck
If you don’t choose change … it will eventually be forced upon you. So it’s intelligent to choose to ally yourself with Change and Metamorphosis.
VICE magazine has a superb article on this Full Moon – read it here https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjvbzm/the-full-flower-moon-mays-lunar-eclipse-in-scorpio

This session connects to Full Moon in any zodiac sign

The Full Moon is an auspicious time to ‘Bring what is hidden into the light’
This statement may give the impression that something deep, dark or shameful is going to emerge from the shadows. But sometimes, what you have lost sight of is forgotten or hidden loves, talents, genius, desire, happiness, joy.  It’s a psychological truth that when a person’s in denial about their pain, anger and fear, their positive feelings also become more distant and unknown.  Alongside repressed negativity and dullness are repressed joy and brilliance!

The Full Spectrum session is designed to help you connect with the treasures within that have been repressed or are unknown territory. The card layout forms a radiant geometry. Blue cards are Tarot, Green cards are Animal guides.  The cards tell the story of repressed or forgotten parts of Self that are ready to come into the Light (Consciousness) by the grace of the Moon (Soul).

This ONE HOUR SESSION includes:
* A card reading that explores ‘What within you, either dark, light or something else, is ready to safely emerge and be integrated into your life and self?’
* A short, guided trance journey to the spirit of moonlight to help you make contact with the creative sparkle within. The intention is to help you communicate with fresh inspiration, spirit guides, visions or something else related to creativity and full moon energy.
* An integration period that may (if needed) include a healing technique that helps you consciously and mindfully dissolve energy cords or habits / patterns that are ready to be released.

In Person: One Hour Session.

Zoom or Phone:  30-45 Minute card reading, then a  guided trance journey and tools for integration sent within 24 hours of your session.

Price: $45 – $75 sliding scale

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