Sample: What Works & What Doesn’t

What Works & What Doesn't in March 2020
Sample cards for half hour session


This spread is often used for guidance about a certain time period or goal. So it’s excellent to use near the beginning of month. Here’s an example of a reading done for someone about the month of March, which she knows hold much change for her and that there are many different ways to approach it.
OVERALL the message is embrace love, intimacy of all kinds, focus on the positive and rapid growth. Avoid people full of intrigue or hidden intents and this month is not the time to focus on financial abundance. The focus is on relationship, honesty and attending to soul mates (yes with an s) this can be a lover, friends, a cause or parts of yourself that are unloved.
Here’s a very quick interpretation:
ALLY – RESOURCES: SUN! Literally the longer days leading to more light are very good for you, as is connecting to people and groups who are optimistic, welcoming and diverse. 
ACTION THAT BRINGS SUCCESS: 2 OF CUPS. Enjoying the true loves in your life and being open to meeting more. Nourishing and healing relationships that are most important to you. Meeting people one-on-one with a kind and loving heart is where success is for her this month.
OBSTACLE – DRAIN: MOON Those who are emotionally overwhelmed and confused. Subtexts and hidden agendas. The dark side of social media’s ability to create mental illness
ACTION THAT IS FUTILE: QUEEN OF DISKS. Staying grounded, protected and at home in order to protect and nourish the stability you have created. Clinging to possessions and pr
OUTCOME: 6 OF CUPS. This card has an untraditional meaning in this deck. xxxxxxxxxx
To get more insight into this a second card was pulled, the 5 OF SWORDS. XXXXXX