Autumn Readings


Autumn Tarot & Totem Spread  THE BASKET & THE SICKLE


about Autumn

Fall is a season of harvest and temptation, enjoying the beauty of change as seen in the tree leaves, working hard to harvest your ‘crop’, and the temptation to over indulge or go wild during the many holidays of this season.

Autumn spans the astrological signs of Libra (balance, karma, beauty, justice), Scorpio (sex, mystery, desire, wealth) and Sagittarius (love of nature, creativity, and spiritual exploration).

The Basket & The Sickle Tarot & Totem spread
This card reading was created specifically for Autumn.
This reading helps a person trace the energies that will be arising in their lives this season. It has stood the test of many years and proved to be accurate and very meaningful.

There are 3 parts to this spread:
The Basket
The Sickle
and The Bridge between them

The cards in the BASKET tell what one is likely to harvest this Autumn (gifts, fruits of productivity, positive or negative effects of actions, social ties) that are the result of their deeds, creative effort and labor. This is the Civilized side of Autumn – one understands how these things come about even if they don’t like some of them.

The cards that form the SICKLE reveal the Wild side of Autumn how the strange, unexpected and the mysterious make entrance into one’s life in forms such as unexpected events, sudden changes of or bursts of emotion, chaos, mysticism, surprises both pleasant and unpleasant.

The final two cards form a BRIDGE that shows how the BASKET and the SICKLE influence each other.


Card 1, bottom of the basket (Animal/Oracle) is a personal gift or quality you’ve developed that helps you in the situations and events in your Basket
Cards 2 – 5, sides (Tarot) tell of people, situations, and changes coming up for you during Autumn. These have grown out of your choices and actions and non-actions and make sense to you.
Cards 6 and 7, handle (Tarot) suggest how you can / will handle, carry and deal with what is in the Basket
Card 8, grip (Animal/Oracle) reveals the quality that most helps you “get a grip” on what you are harvesting.

Card 9 grip (Animal/Oracle) points to something about yourself that is at the root of your Wild experiences this Autumn. These are both inward and outward Wild experiences.
Card 10 – 14  blade (Tarot) signify how wildness, chaos, the unexpected and “fate” intersect with you this Autumn
Card 15 fruit (Animal/Oracle) is a new quality that emerges in you as a result of these encounters with the wild.

Card 16 and Card 17 (Animal/Oracle and Tarot) indicate how you can harmonize, co-ordinate or bridge between your Wild and your Civilized selves this season.

Also recommended for either Spring or Autumn Equinox …

Balanced & Deep is actually two card spreads. One is Steering Your Course which reveals guidance for the Fall for your greatest good about what to a} vigorously pursue, b) be neutral about and go with the flow, and c) withdraw from or resist. The second card layout is Soul Evolution: Archetypal Life Flow that features cards chosen to reveal the Tarot Archetype which is linked to the collective unconscious that your soul most longs to experience this Autumn.
This combo of 2 readings, is a one hour private session, and other services such as journeys, guided meditation, affirmation development and more can be added.
You could also choose just one, either Steering Your Course or Soul Evolution, each of which is a half hour session.

What Works and What Doesn’t, practical guidance for Autumn. Cards for an Ally, A Successful Action, an Obstacle, A Futile Action, Likely Outcome if Guidance is Followed, and 2 Animal cards, one for a quality that helps, and the other for a quality that hinders. This is a half hour session.


Coming in March 2024 … SPRING EQUINOX


Spring Equinox Phone, on-line and in person readings can be had  from Sunday March 17th to Monday April 1st   to tune into the Fire, Warmth and Growth of this season. To see available dates and hours, please go to the Home page. The Fire of Spring reading is recommended as a 45 minute session but can be slimmed down to a half hour if desired or you ca add on a journey or guided meditation.

The Fire of Spring.

This reading yields guidance about using the Fire element within you in an intentional, positive way – your creativity, passion, enthusiasm, confidence, desire for change and physical vitality. This may also concern how you handle your own ambition, aggression and/or anger. This reading is helpful for a general outlook or focused on a specific change or project.(I used it the first time at a Housewarming and it was a good fit.)
The Spring Fire Within is designed like a hearth or bonfire you would build for warmth (see illustration above). Tarot cards are outlined in blue, Animal Medicine Cards in green.
1 – The Container is where you begin
2 – The Wood or Fuel is what’s ready or available to be transformed
3 – The Spark relates to outside help, an event or a ‘trigger’ that activates
4 – The Flames are your creativity
5a & 5b – Warmth is portrayed by 2 cards and tell you something about what’s produced
6 – Smoke is how you share or communicate
Back down in the container, there are
7 – Embers representing something to put away for now and check back in on later
8 – Ash, what must be sacrificed.
Rising back up through the flames are 2 cards
9a & 9b – The Upwards Evolution you can experience if you’re open to conscious change and creation, in other words creating the change rather than just responding to whatever happen.
Finally there’s one card for the
10 – The Possible Downpour, a time when you must carefully shelter the fire.

To align with Spring Equinox (which occurs this Wednesday March 20th, at 3pm Arizona time), a Tarot and Totem session and/or Tarot Astrology North Node / South Node are recommended.   (To schedule: 520-306-1701 or .  Price and Payment Information.