Dark Moon Private Sessions


Hanged Man, Panther & Bat

(about the above cards ~ The Hanged Man, Black Panther and Bat are all resonating with the Dark Moon’s magick ~ letting go, surrendering so that you may walk more lightly into the new, into the future!  Images from the New Tarot and The Medicine Cards)

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This Month’s Dark Moon phase is from
Saturday November 11th 2:30am to Monday November 13th 2:30am mst
Private sessions are available –
In person in midtown Tucson (during day hours)
or by phone or on Zoom (day and evening)
Saturday 11/11. 2pm – 8pm mst.
Sunday 11/13. 11am – 8pm mst.
To schedule, please contact me at merriewolfie@gmail.com or text (520) 306-1701.
In person, on Zoom or by phone

This is the ideal Lunar timing to clear out what no longer serves you so that you have more inner and outer space to exist happily, grow, expand and develop. Dissolving, banishing, exorcising, releasing, cutting cords are well-practiced at this time. This is also an exceptionally deep time to explore shadow issues and release from fear and inner block.
     This phase occurs for 48 hours before the New Moon is birthed. A few of the most appropriate spreads are featured on this page.

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A Tarot & Totem Spread  – Closure Spread

The key to this spread is personal responsibility. Consult this spread when you really want closure on an old pattern, habit or unhappy situation that’s dragged on and on. When you’re ready to give up illusions and move on. At the center of this spread is a card that reveals how a personal illusion or self-sabotaging habit has trapped you. ♥  It may feel like a message of “tough love” at first, but it will feel good in the long run!  This reading is usually a half hour, or 45 minutes if a journey is added.  Call / text 520-306-1701 to schedule. See Payment & Scheduling for prices.
Card 1 – A self-sabotaging personal quality, attitude or habit that traps you  is identified through an Animal card. You might already be aware of it, or this truth may be partly or completely subconscious. On considering  the information the card gives, a realization often surfaces. When you’re able to see it, you can own it. Once you own it, you can deal with it.
Card 2 – Spiritual Support. A Tarot card revealing how you can connect to spiritual guidance and support that helps you change.
Card 3– Earthly Support. A Tarot card representing what you need emotionally, physically or in some other practical way to help you change.
Card 4 – What You Gain. A Tarot card identifies what you gain when you are released from the trap.
Card 5 – What You Lose. As unlikely as it may seem,  the situation you’ve been stuck in has been  serving or enabling you in some way. This card identifies what you will lose or surrender by changing.
Card 6 –  The Way Through.  A personal quality you can choose to develop that greatly helps you move through the closure process with success!

A Tarot & Totem Spread  –  The Dark Moon’s Broom. 

For assistance in Releasing / Dissolving / Letting Go, this spread is to be used during the Dark of the Moon Phase

The two cards at the bottom are not selected through divination, they are honoring the Moon phase and sign and reminding you of the astrological energy.

Card 1 – Suggested Approach. The personal approach and attitude to bring to the work
Card 2 – An Essential Issue. There’s something important that you’re ready to release and this card will help you see what that is.
Card 3 – A Potential Obstacle that might prevent you from dissolving / releasing this issue
Card 4 – More Insight into Card 2. Often the issue is complex, this card helps you see and perceive how it relates to other areas of your life
Card 5 – This Also Would Like To Be Let Go. That part of yourself that’s saying “please let me go, too.”
Card 6 – Spirit Guide may come from an Animal, Plant, Stone, Angel or other oracle deck, or may be a rune, a branch or other divination form. It represents a spirit guide who helps you enter and stay with the process.
How do you honor and connect to this spirit guide? Journey or meditate about them. Remember any 3-D life encounters you’ve had with them. Read about them. If possible, visit their habitat. If it’s a stone and you have one, hold it and keep it near. If it’s  plant, can you draw it, eat it, make a tea from it? Look at photos, watch videos, let your imagination engage with this Spirit Guide.
Card 1 and Card 6 together can inspire you as to the way to approach this releasing, dissolving, letting go process.
Cards 2, 3 and 4 describe attachments, habits or patterns that are harmful to you or exhausting. If you aren’t clear on the message, you can pull extra cards for clarification.
Card 3 is an obstacle that might pull you away from looking at the issues.

A SHADOW READING – when you want to transform ‘dark’ or shadow energy
The subconscious is where the Shadow lives and it contains angels, demons and everything in between. Respect, intelligence and caution must be used when approaching it. Your Shadow contains what you’ve repressed and hidden from your awareness – parts of you and your experience that are uncomfortable or don’t fit your judgment of who and what you should be. In your Shadow are powerful emotions, desires and unwanted thoughts; memories, abilities and puzzling experiences; spirits, ghosts and wild ambitions.
The intent of this spread is to help you identify repressed psychological material that is ready and safe to become conscious (shadow talents, beliefs, feelings, etc). This spread is intended to help you find ways to get to know and accept these hidden parts of your psyche and self. At the beginning of the session, the intention is declared that only helpful, constructive and beneficial energies will be revealed by the cards. Benevolent guides are called in. At the end there is a blessing.  A shamanic journey can be added at the end of this session.

Tarot Cards 1, 2 and 3 – Repressed personal energies that are ready to be surfaced and welcomed into your awareness.
Totem Card 4 – The Quality in you that is doing the repressing
Totem Card 5 – The Quality in you that helps you unrepress
Tarot Cards 6 and 7 – The changes that may occur as the repressed parts of self are welcomed  and integrated into your life
Totem Cards 8 and 9 – New personal qualities that develop to help you ground and nourish the reclaimed parts of yourself.

To schedule and purchase your session, see the Payment & Scheduling page