Coronavirus, Change and Your Path

If you feel a big underlying shift in your consciousness as the pandemic takes over our time and space, this reading will help you get into and work with what’s happening with you.

It helps you perceive what’s now going on in your inner life as you respond to the new shape of life and society bought about by the pandemic crisis. It also helps you discern a path to new maturity and purpose that is born of these strange times.

The diagram of the card layout is below and the meanings associated with cards’ positions and after that is a sample interpretation. This reading can be between a half hour to 90 minutes long and is offered by phone, Skype or Zoom. Reduce prices are available to folks whose are having financial issues related to the pandemic.

Card 1  Covid-19’s archetypal energy as you are experiencing it now.

Card 2  An intention or action in the recent past that is significant.

Card 3  Something in the present that’s changing your life path.

Card 4  How your future archetypal life path is influenced by the pandemic.

Card 5  A role or belief you’re ‘unlearning’ and getting ready to discard.

Card 6  A new lesson that shatters some old assumptions.

Card 7  What is Kryptonite to you during this time (what weakens you at this time)

Card 8  A ‘Superpower’ you can develop during the pandemic.

Card 9  An Animal with significant teachings to share.

SAMPLE READING  of The Coronavirus, Change and Your Path session
Sample readings are meant to show you how the reading ‘works’ and its depth and to help you decide whether it would be good choice for you. Your personal reading will, of course,  have different cards and messages. A full reading will include more articulation about the symbols, numbers and suits, and the ways the cards influence each other.

Card 1 . 4 of Cups – The Querent is being pushed into greater emotional maturity, now is the time to move past emotional blocks if they want time to start moving forward again. It won’t be easy, for their inner emotional world has been long ignored.

Card 2. 6 of Disks The Querent had intended to push forward iand expand their business, public events and finances beginning in Spring 2020. Um, nope! The pandemic, shutdown and social distancing changed all that.

Card 3.  6 of Cups – Memories and emotional visitations from times long past are awakening the Querent’s emotional life, including past lives experience of plague and other mass disruptions. They are slowly releasing trapped rivers of emotions. It’s a big deal and it is healing.

Card 4.  Ace of Disks – The Querent will be wanting to live in a wholesome way, a way that honors Earth, plants and animals. Putting down roots, committing to ‘farming’ the opportunities that come their way will greatly appeal to them.

Card 5 . 2 of Disks – The Querent is questioning their long held belief that staying centered in awareness and living in the moment is the best way to live. Something different is arising.

Card 6.  Princess of Cups – The Querent is learning it’s OK to live in a tender and vulnerable way. They want to trust others and be more emotionally available and assume the best about others unless proven wrong.

Card 7.  The Moon – The dark side of the Moon is paranoia, black magick and emotional pain that’s destabilizing. Tis best for The Querent to turn back if they find themselves wandering off into such places.

Card 8.  5 of Wands – The Querent’s power arises through ritual, ceremony and staying connected to people and groups with shared goals. The Querent can deal well with group conflict and grow from it,.

Card 9.  Grouse – is a flamboyant dancer, a master of rhythm and breathwork, who looks plain until hidden colorful feathers emerge at festivities. Dance, drum, get centered, whirl and be festive to find your true center is part of Grouse’s message to The Querent.