Changes ~ Turn & Face The Strange

Sessions that support, guide and inspire you through the process of change

Rainbow Blessings Uplifting and positive especially apropos at the New Moon. Have you accepted the gifts being bestowed on you? Spirit will give you what you need under any circumstances.
Crossing Borders.  Support during major transitions
Examining Motivations to help in setting intentions that really matter
The Rabbit & The Bat: The Initiation Spread
The Closure Spread

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Crossing Borders – a Tarot & Totem session for times of major transition
The spread is called Crossing Borders. It’s designed to be used when making a big transition, such as – from single to coupled, from addicted behavior to recovery, from student to working professional, from healthy to seriously ill and the like. Even if you don’t physically move, these big changes can feel like you’re immigrating to a whole new country.
Cards 1 and 2 describe what you are leaving – place, state of mind, etc
Card 3 describes something that may hold you back from completely committing to the change
Cards 4 and 5 describes where you are going – the feelings, activities, place etc
Card 6 describes a tool you have right now that can help and inspire you in making the leap across the border
Cards 7, 8 and 9 are animal guides (or plant, stone, angel or other oracle cards), 7 represents a quality to leave behind, 8 represents a quality to maintain, and 9 represents quality to develop.
If you’d like to book a session for this reading please see my open hours for this week here. Allow for 45 minutes as it’s pretty complex. If you’d like to add a journey or guided meditation to further explore the cards, allow for an hour or an hour and 15 minutes.

Examining Motivation Before Setting Intentions  Everyone knows the importance of setting intentions and focusing on them, visualizing them happening in positive ways, and taking actions toward manifesting them in 3D life. But what about those times when you lose interest in your intentions or when they manifest but don’t really satisfy, or you realize you chose those intentions mostly to please and impress other people, or to satisfy ego hunger and nothing more?

The Examining Motivation session helps you go below your intention to search the soil that grew it. In other words, what is motivating you to have that particular intention? For instance if a woman who had experienced weight gain and distress around menopause intended to get in shape through exercise and diet and ‘look better than ever’.  When she slowed down and looked below her intention she found lots of fear that her erotic life was over. She felt  deep grief about losing this vital part of herself. As she felt her feelings, she found that her real motivation was the profound desire to keep her sexuality alive, well and active but her intention focused on a relatively superficial fixes or losing weight and buying new clothes. Even if she reached her exercise and diet goals, her deeper feelings and motivation wouldn’t have been satisfied. She created some different ways to approach her needs more directly!

Your Examining Motivation session includes: Compassionate, spiritual conversation to facilitate going deeper into awareness of motivation. Intuitive messages. A trance journey to further explore the motivation. Cards that reveal helpful archetypes, animal guides and inspiration for creating the change you really want and intentions that are rooted in deep desire and needs. Follow up sessions if desired.  The initial session can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

RABBIT & BAT – The Initiation  Many traditional, indigenous and nature-based societies recognize a common pattern when being initiated into a new authenticity and overcoming fears.

The shamanic process is:
Recognizing and Naming the Fear
Overcoming the Fear: Passing Through The Gate of Initiation
Death: Letting go of False Identity and Patterns

RABBIT & BAT – Initiation follows the steps of the shamanic process using the tarot and animal cards as divination and guidance tools. This spread can be of help if you’re being pushed into a big change or if you feel stuck or paralyzed and have a strong urge to move through it or if there’s a personal habit or quality you seek to change. This spread can be consulted in a wide range of situations. If used for major shifts in life, please remember that it’s wise to seek help and guidance in many forms – from counselors, trusted friends, meditation / prayer, professionals and by spending time in nature.

The RABBIT appears in the title because this totem carries the quality of Overblown Fear – feeling preyed upon, unsafe or paralyzed. To begin the spread 2 cards are chosen to represent the Fear you most need to face down with honesty and courage.

The next step in the process is to take action to overcome the Fear. This is INITIATION, your surrender to change. What was once a wall of Fear can change and become a powerful teacher or ally as you open the gate of Initiation and walk through. 2 cards are pulled to give you guidance and understanding about how to do this.

Next, 2 cards are selected that reveal a part of your identity or lifestyle that has reached its expiration date. To be able to move on into the next phase of your life, this aspect of your life undergoes a DEATH so it may be left behind. You may be more than willing to do this or it may be sad and confusing. These cards help you identify what has ended. An example is leaving behind the student lifestyle after graduation.

The final step is REBIRTH, developing a new chapter of life and more authenticity. BAT emerging from the cave is symbolic of Rebirth and New Ways of Experiencing Life. Bats sleep in the same head down position that babies take in the womb as they prepare for birth. Bat also has wondrous and odd perceptive powers such as echolocating and telepathic communication, used as they steer through darkness without harm or collision. BAT is associated with many shamanic traditions. 2 cards are chosen to to help you facilitate this Rebirth and imagine the new life.

This session is one hour. A Trance Journey may be added.

The Closure Spread

The key to this spread is personal responsibility. Consult this spread when you really want closure on an old pattern, habit or unhappy situation that’s dragged on and on. When you’re ready to give up illusions and move on. At the center of this spread is a card that reveals how a personal illusion or self-sabotaging habit has trapped you. ♥  It may feel like a message of “tough love” at first, but it will feel good in the long run!  This reading is usually a half hour, or 45 minutes if a journey is added.