Birthday & New Year Sessions

World, Inner Child TarotWinter Solstice, January 1st or your birthday can signify a new beginning or make you want to begin a new phase in your life. There are several sessions often requested at such times. In addition to these, you could also request relationship, work, personal path and other kinds of readings and sessions to promote your growth and healing.

Below are the two most popular Birthday sessions. These are also good choices for New Year’s (by whichever calendar you prefer) and other significant yearly dates and anniversaries.

One is Balanced & Deep which is really two spreads.  The first spread is Steering Your Course which helps you intuit and name what to focus on in your outer world for your greatest good.  The other spread is Soul Evolution: Archetypal Life Flow that looks at what you’d like to experience and learn on a Soul level at this time.  This is a one hour session and for birthday readings there’s a journey or guided meditation added free of charge.

Another popular birthday reading, Wheel of The Year, is future oriented, looking at  each month of the next year and something significant that occurs or unfolds that month. This is a one hour session – for a New Year or birthday

Would you like to have your Natal and/or Solar Return Astrology chart interpreted for you through Tarot cards? Please see the recommended sessions in the Tarot Astrology section of this website.

To enjoy and gift yourself or someone dear to you with a Birthday Session, please email or call / text 520-306-1701. Price and payment options here.

(image is The World from the Inner Child Tarot)