Archetype Inspired

The Hermit:  Wise Person of the Woods, Philosopher, Wizard, Truth Teller

A Hermit Tarot & Totem Session.  Ideal times are between August 22nd to September 21st. The Hermit loves the dusk, the stars and the deep night, so a late evening session could be arranged.

This session assists you in connecting to the Hermit (the Wise Elder and Truth Teller) and receiving guidance about how you can most benefit, enjoy and learn from this archetype and its gifts, insights, support and courage.

The folk figure of the philosopher hermit  in the woods or wizened spiritual person on the mountain top is found in many cultures. It exists in humanity’s collective consciousness.

Any person who is curious and has a natural attraction to this ‘type’ would enjoy this session which helps strengthen the Hermit vibration that’s already within.
This session would be helpful if you:
* are working on a project that requires alone time, writing, thinking and creative skills
* want to undertake new studies or increase the depth of your current study
* seek to be less influenced by the opinions of others,  social conditioning and tradition and want to develop a personal philosophy and ethics
* want more confidence in your mental and intellectual ability and courage in speaking up and expressing your thoughts and opinions
* are fearful or anxious about solitude and would like to find the path through what blocks you from feeling at ease when alone
* are already an active ‘Hermit’ type and want to learn ways to expand and support further blossoming of your inner wise one
* are attracted to being of service to humanity, if you seek to be a shining light of truth and illumination. (The 6th House is related to service and non-ego centered work)
* want to explore areas of your natal chart through Tarot

The Tarot Hermit corresponds to the astrological sign of Virgo and the 6th House. If you’re particularly interested in  those areas in your natal chart or if you have a lot of Hermits and Virgo types in your life  this session can include a new way of perceiving and understanding your chart through exploring the Hermit and other Tarot cards associated with Virgo and 6th House in your natal chart. This option is only available with the 1 hour or 90 minute session. Analyzing your chart and the corresponding Tarot cards is part of how I prepare for your session before you arrive.

Cards Divination & Other Forms Of Intuitive Insight.  (Tarot / Astrology included with the One Hour and 90 Minute Session)

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Read more about The Hermit in the Tarot & Totem newsletter of August 22, 2017.