After The Eclipse – Nov/Dec 2021

This session is for people who felt moved and changed by the recent eclipses during the Scorpio Full Moon on Nov 19th (Lunar Eclipse) and / or the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 4th (at 12 degrees Sag). The time between November 19th and December 4th was particularly difficult and  stuck for me and many others but the early December eclipse at New Moon shook me out of that place and into something much better. 

If you have planets or significant points in your natal chart near 12 degrees Sag you may have been particularly sensitive to, even ‘awakened’ as if experiencing a reset, by the December 4th eclipse. I have a 9 degrees Mars, 14 degrees ASC and 16 degrees North Node in Sag. Yep, I really felt it as a reset and sense of urgency. It’s a feeling of depth and gravitas, and simultaneously a push of acceleration forward. That’s quite a gift. So I developed a card spread and some other techniques to help myself and others make the most of this gift. It began as a re-purposing of a spread from several years ago – ‘The Rabbit and the Bat – An Initiation Spread’ and grew into its own thing.

The new reading is called Eclipse Awakening and it focuses on
1 – A fear, habit or belief that’s served its purpose and is no longer helping you, in fact, it may be ‘dead weight’ now, holding you back
2 – The long term effect its had on your life 
3 – A new state of mind, being or energy that came through for you at the time of the eclipse that’s ready and willing to awaken you to new possibilities
4 – How your life changes if you accept this awakening and are willing to transform.

You can choose a session of 45 minutes, 1 hour or 90 minutes long. Information about prices and payment are on this page – Payment & Scheduling.

Example:  A person whose natal Venus is at 12 degrees Sag (exactly conjunct the Dec 4th eclipse) had a reading that revealed it was time to change the way she socializes, does creative work and pursues spiritual bliss. For many years her spiritual and shamanic experiences were deeply internal and very introspective even in groups and they served her well for a long time but not so much recently.  Her reading revealed that something has opened within her that’s ready to become more socially involved in friendships, groups and art circles and that she can still have profound spiritual experiences through group participation, and produce artwork, while socially ‘softening’ with others. It rang very true for her and she left with a smile on her face and is already making changes that align with the new energy. The session didn’t cause the shift. The reading produced the symbols, stories and intuitive insights to name what was already happening within her.

Do you resonate with this? Have you had a particularly intense of difficult time lately, especially between November 19th and now? If you’d like to have an Eclipse Awakening reading, please contact me by text (520) 306-1701 or at to schedule your session. We can meet in person in Tucson, or on Zoom or by phone. You receive a recording and photos of your cards after your session. You can choose a session of 45 minutes, 1 hour or 90 minutes long. Information about prices and payment are on this page – Payment & Scheduling.