10 Minute Summer 2021 Session

The Expansive Energies of Fire and Water Within You

This is a simple reading, but not superficial or lightweight. It can motivate you, expand confidence and promote action. It may show you paths to emotional growth, relationship health and nourishing the creative artist within you. The Fire and Water aren’t separate, together they can conjure a passionate, lively and heartfelt life!

A short and very affordable Tarot & Totem session – $10-$20 for 10 minutes, Recording and photos of the cards included. You can make your payment here:

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2 Ways To Receive this short Summer Reading
* a distance reading, I’ll do the reading for you and email you the recording and cards;
* by phone or Zoom after which you’ll receive a recording and photos

FIRE Two cards, one Animal and one Tarot, are chosen for Fire to give counsel about ways to benefit and safely feed the Fire within you.  The guidance will serve you well this Summer in connecting to Confidence, Creativity and Action.
WATER For your Water element, concerning relationship, emotions and sensuality, a Water Tarot and an Animal card are chosen to reveal ways to expand your heart center, generosity and get more in touch with your feelings.
Fire expands upward and outward, Water flows wherever it can, Together they form a sphere of (what can be) very radiant, kind vibes around you.

To schedule please contact Merrie by text at 520-306-1701 or at merriewolfie@gmail.com .