10 Minute $10 Summer Session

The Expansive Energies of Fire and Water Within You.

A short and very affordable Tarot & Totem session – $10 for 10 minutes, Recording and photos of the cards included. You can make your payment here:

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3 Ways To Receive this short Summer Reading
* a distance reading;
* by phone or Skype;
* In person in Tucson.
Recording and photos of cards included with all

This is a simple reading, but not superficial or lightweight.
It can motivate you to expand confidence and action.
It can show you paths to emotional growth and help in relationships and enjoyment of life and your feelings.
The Fire and Water aren’t separate, together they can conjure a passionate, lively and heartfelt life!
Two cards, one Animal and one Tarot, are chosen for Fire to give counsel about ways to use the Fire within you or what fears or obstacles need to be conquered. The Tarot archetype is one for you to muse on and connect with as a helper, the Animal guide has qualities and abilities that will serve you well this Summer in connecting to Confidence, Creativity and Action.
For your Water element, concerning relationship, emotions and sensuality, a Tarot and an Animal card are chosen and they will reveal ways to expand your heart center, generosity and get more in touch with your feelings.
Fire expands upward and outward, and Water flows wherever it can. Tis the season to explore.
To schedule, please contact Merrie through FB Messenger, or 520-306-1701 or merriewolfie@gmail.com .


KNIGHT OF WANDS and LIZARD To be added soon ….