Private Sessions

Tarot & Totem  PRIVATE SESSIONS TIMES July 11th – July 21st in person in Tucson or by phone. All times are MST (same as Pacific Daylight). Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time.
To schedule, please call or text 520-306-1701 or contact All readings include an mp3 recording and photos of your cards. Please make your payment on line or in cash when we meet.
DARK MOON Wednesday, July 11th. 1pm – 7pm.
DARK MOON Thursday, July 12th. Private Sessions 10am – 2pm.
NEW MOON FRIDAY THE 13TH! Friday, July 13th. 1pm – 7pm.  (wear something black cat-ish and receive an extra 15 minutes added to your session)
NEW MOON Saturday, July 14th. 2pm – 7pm
Sunday, July 15th. CLOSED

Monday, July 16th. 1pm – 6pm.
Tuesday, July 17th. Noon – 5pm.
Wednesday, July 18th. Private Sessions 1pm – 4pm.
Thursday, July 19th. 1pm – 7pm.
Friday, July 20th. 1pm – 7pm.
Saturday, July 21st. 10am – 3pm.
Sunday, July 22nd. CLOSED.

Links to various types of readings and sessions:
Frequently Requested        Birthday & Significant Dates         Relationship
Nature Guides & Wisdom      Archetype Inspired    Life Changes
New Moon       Full Moon       Dark Moon
There are many other sessions that focus on personal path, spiritual life, connection to nature, deeper inner work, past lives and a variety of Tarot Astrology in depth readings that use Tarot to interpret your natal chart, solar return chart or specific transits.

Want to know what makes Tarot & Totem special and unique. Please take a look at the ABOUT Page!

Recommended readings and topics:Balanced & Deep: includes 2 separate card layouts. They provide guidance for your outer focus and  for soul nourishment and evolution.  Often requested at birthdays, New Years and the start of a new season (Summer Solstice on June 21st!)

SUMMER SOLSTICE The Sweet Flower and the Storms of Summer.
Sailing the seas of your heart and senses. Go With The Flow.. Any other readings about the  Water element in your life ~ relationships, heart health,  self-expression, caring about children.