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Links to various types of readings and sessions:

The readings listed under Dark Moon sessions are also helpful anytime you are looking for closure, dealing with grief, or going through a time of sacrifice.  Some of the New Moon readings are also useful during times of new beginnings and fresh starts. They may also be encouraging one one is seeking an increase of sweetness, romance and creativity.

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WINTER DIVINATION VIBES: The Winter’s sparkling crisp air helps us to connect to Mind and Clarity, to think things through, to realize truths. Seeking support for writing projects, story telling and all forms of literature, as this is a time when words may take on even more power than usual. This Winter’s Tarot suit is The Swords and its cards have a broad range from deep healing to bitter warfare, reflecting how intense the mind, thought and words can be.  Readings and sessions that help clarify and make decisions are often sought during winter.  If you’re wanting to heal long standing feuds or painful relationships, this may be the time. Do you need to write those letters of both pain and love? Or that story? It’s an introspective time, and sessions that encourage you to explore your inner world may have special appeal.
There are many other sessions that focus on personal path, spiritual life, connection to nature, deeper inner work, past lives and a variety of Tarot Astrology in depth readings that use Tarot to interpret your natal chart, solar return chart or specific transits.

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