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There are many other sessions that focus on personal path, spiritual life, connection to nature, deeper inner work, past lives and a variety of Tarot Astrology in depth readings that use Tarot to interpret your natal chart, solar return chart or specific transits.

February 14  – February 21,  2018

All hours are Mountain Standard. All readings include an audio recording and photos of your cards. The exception is that FB Messenger readings don’t include an audio recording because they’re conducted through typing, however photos of cards are included.

Private Sessions for February 14 – 22, 2018.
In person in Tucson or by phone
Please CALL / TEXT 520-306-1701 or schedule your session.
Prices, Payment & Scheduling
VALENTINE’S & DARK MOON Wednesday, February 14. Noon – 8pm
DARK MOON Thursday, February 15. 10am – 3pm
NEW MOON Friday, February 16. 10am – 2pm
NEW MOON Saturday, February 17. 10am – 4pm
Sunday, February 18.  10am – 3pm
Monday, February 19.  3pm – 8pm
Tuesday, February 20.  3pm – 8pm
Wednesday, February 21.  10am – 2pm

See readings in particular for Relationships, Dark Moon Clearing & New Moon Creating
Location:  Near Ina & Oracle in Tucson AZ or by Phone, FB Messenger, Email or Skype
Contact:  520-306-1701 or
Payment & Scheduling  
Prices are sliding scale
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