8 Week Deep Tarot info and payment

DEEP TAROT 8 week workshops
In this 8 week workshop you’ll explore each card in two Tarot decks of your choosing and how they interrelate with each other. You’ll gain nuanced understanding of the various meanings of the cards and of your particular deck’s symbolism and underlying philosophy.
Mondays 9:30am – 11:30am mst for 8 weeks.
February 6th through March 27th

This series builds a natural and powerful confidence in your Tarot skills and helps you learn two Tarot decks of your choice extremely well.

Sliding Scale is $200 – $400 for all 8 sessions.
Early Bird Payment by January 31st: Special perks for those who pay in full before January 31st, including private mentoring, private readings and more.
To register contact Merrie by text (520) 306-1701 or at merriewolfie@gmail.com

3 Payment Methods:
1  Payments by Zelle to merriewolfie@gmail.com are preferred (no fee is charged to anyone) .
PayPal is fine too.
2  Send your payment to paypal.me/MerrieWolfie
3  Use the payment buttons at the end of this page.

The workshops are offered at 5 price levels.
* Choose your price level according to your financial situation. Special perks when you pay at the higher levels.
* If you’d rather pay per individual session the price is sliding scale: $35-$55 per session. You can pay this way if you’d rather not take all 8 workshops.

Deep Tarot 8 workshop series $200-$400