Animal Wisdom Tarot

Mentoring ~ private sessions ~ tarot, intuitive messages, nature’s guides

Mentoring sessions are tailored to your individual interests and needs.  The cards pictured above from the Animal Wisdom Tarot are traditionally known as The Star, The High Priestess and The Hierophant, all related to spiritual development and mentoring.

Who can benefit?  Anyone with a sincere and benevolent interest is welcome to inquire about Private Mentoring with Merrie.  From fresh beginners who prefer one-on-one learning before taking workshops to experienced professionals wanting to fine tune or expand their practice, and everyone in between, mentoring can help ~ especially if you’re more comfortable with personal training than groups. Please begin by emailing , introduce yourself and include a few sentences about what you’re interested in learning.  

Some common mentoring requests are:  Understanding the structure of Tarot without being overwhelmed by memorization; How to combine divination with other forms of healing and insight; developing a daily divination or intuitive practice; Boundaries, protection and ethical practice; Trusting and initiating the flow of intuition; Developing your personal style and tools as an intuitive. Topics are not limited to these. Let me know what you want to learn.

One-time Payment of $25 for developing your lesson plan before we have your first session. We will have an email or short phone conversation in order for me to do this.  This fee may be charged again if  you’ve completed your goals and are ready for a new lesson plan!

Mentoring sessions are offered in 1 hour time blocks.Before your first payment, please email Merrie with a few sentences about what  you’d like to learn. You are welcome to make an audio recording and/or take photographs. No video please.  One Hour Mentoring: $60 – $100 sliding scale per person.  Please select your payment level after considering your personal financial situation and the energy and expertise of your mentor. Your privacy is important and whatever you decide on is fine.  You may reserve up to 3 One Hour time blocks  for a Mentoring Session.  For your first Mentoring Session 2 hours is the maximum.

Extra Options for Documentation:   An mp3 of your mentoring session sent within 48 hours of your session(s) is $5 per session. (you are welcome to make your own recording too. I record all sessions in case any questions come up about what was said or done).  

Additional Written notes of the most significant teaching and recommended practices (homework) are $20 per session.