Lively Archetypes workshop series

The Lively Archetypes of Tarot workshop series
February 23rd – May 4th

An 11 week series of 90 minute workshops.  Each week you’ll work with 2 Major Archetypes (not in numerical order). Appropriate for all levels of Tarot knowledge.These workshops use an experiential learning method that’s multi-sensory and multi-modality.

Begins Wednesday February 23rd and continues weekly until May 6th.
Time:  5:30pm-7:00pm mst

Each week we study two of the 22 Major Arcana of Tarot. By the end of the 11 weeks, you will have studied and experienced all 22 Majors. Even if you’re not yet familiar with Tarot, these workshops are presented in such a way you’ll ‘get’ them. How? Because the Tarot Majors are expressions of human nature, and everybody already intuitively knows and understands them. You’ve met them in yourself, and in the people you know well.

Week 1: Wednesday February 23rd. Week 1: The Star and The Empress. Both are nurturing and restorative but very different. The Star relates to soul healing, spiritual and cosmic love and humanitarianism. The Empress represents social ease, warmth and romantic and familial love. What a beautiful way to begin your study of the Lively Archetypes of the Tarot.

Price & Payment:
Sliding Scale price includes all 11 sessions
$220 – $440

On the registration and payment page you can:
* Choose your price level according to your financial situation. Special perks when you pay at the higher levels.
* Free half hour private session when paid in full by February 20th.
* If you’d rather pay per individual session the price is sliding scale: $30-$45 per session. You can pay this way if you’d rather not take all 11 workshops.
* Please register and receive payment link when you contact Merrie at (520) 306-1701 or email

The Lively Archetypes workshop series in detail: These workshops are multi-modality and will use music, body movement, journaling, story-telling, costume design and other ways that will spark your creative and soulful self. The intention is that you’ll safely feel each archetype’s power during the workshop.

Each week we’ll explore two of the twenty-two, which means this is an 11 week series. We won’t go through them in a linear way but there will be a theme that connects the two chosen for each week. The first workshop on February 23rd will focus on The Empress and The Star. The warm, welcoming, earthy femme who is the hostess with the mostest and the experience of cosmic spiritual healing that instills hope and the promise of a better tomorrow.

These workshops can be beneficial in many ways –
– helping you recognize and understand your own archetypal energies, moods and desires;
– if you are or want to be a Tarot reader for others, learning these essential card in a multi-sensory ways is more lasting than just memorizing the meanings;
– learning how to evoke the archetypes you wish to invite into your life (like spirit guides, they most likely will say yes but it’s not guaranteed).

What are the Tarot archetypes aka the Major Arcana?
Some are the roles people play – The Leader, The Analyst / Planner.
Some represent how people grow and develop: i.e. taking responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions or enduring and accepting grief and the way it transforms one’s life.
Some are forces greater than human nature such as: spontaneous spiritual healing or the weirdness of the subconscious and occult.
There are 22 in the Tarot and many more in human nature and its many cultural traditions such as The Sacred Beggar (some monks), The Animal Whisperer (St Francis), the Femme Fatalle, the Comeback Kid.

The archetypes existed in human nature long long before Tarot and you don’t need to be a Tarotist to benefit and be nourished by these workshops. It’s fun and deep to learn about the archetypes through Tarot and it can deepen any intuitive or creative process you are pursuing.