Workshop Series 2022

Philosophy of Merrie’s Tarot and Divination workshops: The foundation of my teaching is strongly Earth-honoring, bending away from being euro-centric to make way for many other needed ways of seeing and comprehending reality. Diversity and tolerance for myriad forms is key to healthy ecosystems and to healthy human consciousness. Tarot easily embraces all this, for its archetypes and elements are found in human nature and the many cultural worldwide traditions.

The first 2022 workshop series The Lively Archetypes of Tarot, 11 weeks beginning in February.

The very popular 8 week Deep Tarot series will be offered again, but during evening hours for those who couldn’t do mornings this last Autumn. Whether you’re a seasoned Tarot reader or a beginner, this will increase your ‘friendship’ and connection to your favorite decks or new ones you want to better understand. (See * below)