BAT ~ Sleep, dream, sing

BAT ~ Sleep, dream, sing

In the above photos, is a bat who slept while nestling into one of the huge boulders at the side of the ravine that runs by Green Rock in Catalina State Park. It was Labor Day 2018 the day after the best crashing wondrous thunderstorm of the Monsoon season. This Bat was a delicate creature with the sweetest small triangular ears, shaggy brown fur and dark skin, taut and sturdy, across her wings. I got very close. Bat kept sleeping until Fly bothered, then he wiggled around til Fly left. Bat went right back to sleep. I thought of a lover from many years ago. Good memories before things went bad. The first time we came up to Green Rock together we saw several bats clinging to the ravine’s rocky sides. There’d been a flood a day earlier. Perhaps their cave was inaccessible.

I sat quietly and asked if BAT would like to share about his life ~
“What it’s like to be me? it’s wonderful. One of the best feelings I get is when I go up into the air and spread my wings completely out, its’ so good to stretch and look up into the air and track the movements of the insects. It’s great, to be so busy eating insects. Eating so much. they’re good. I love the hunt. There’s always plenty to eat for us bats. We know we’ve got a good thing.

“Then there’s the Other Side when we settle down into the cave and under bridges, surrounded by sound. Making songs, we have a chat with each other by making songs. We take care of each other this way. It’s great to all sleep together. We’re so close to mother earth in the cave. We dream together too. One of the best things is having everyone to talk to in the dream world. Group dreaming in the cave is a very fulfilling life, as is  the game of the hunt, being able to fly, and always there’s enough to eat. Then the love of darkness, and comfort of the cave.”

BAT Guidance

I asked if Bat had any personal guidance for me and Bat spoke to me about insomnia, the kind that goes on for days and weeks, that plagues me sometimes. I’ll share here the parts that may help others, too. I have already found it very very helpful.

“You will sleep much better in places where you’re not being watched or snooped on. This can happen through many different kinds of devices or even psychic spying.
Bring in all the spirits you know that you know love and care for you and ask them to watch over you and to help you with any fear or anxiety.
Find a sweet way to sleep. As a bat I wrap up in my wings and tuck in my face.
Music, sound and utter darkness. Experiment with these and find what works.
If you can’t sleep, try meditation or drum journeys or slow trance dance.
You can even try mimicking echolocation to move around in the dark (carefully!) sending out sounds to sense what’s around you.
Sing softly.
Imagine your dreaming and perhaps, soon, you will be!”