The Lovers, Familiars and a Hint of Gemini

from the Tarot of the Familiars


Stay in touch is the message of The Lovers and Gemini.

We will be under the sign of Gemini until Friday, June 21st. (If you’d like a reading or other session about Lovers’ themes, please contact me at The corresponding Tarot card for Gemini is The Lovers. What they have in common is a powerful pull to folllow the path relationship and communication. Mottos of both Gemini and Lovers might be

Open up and talk it out.
Be curious about your loved ones.
Intimacy begins with personal revelations shared with others.
Dare to embrace the strange and the wild.
To love is to be vulnerable and risk deep pain as well as joy.

This card isn’t just for couples. It can also be about discovering new aspects of yourself and meeting these inner qualities with openness and curiosity. By the way, taking a vow of silence (including on-line silence) could well be sheer torture for people with a lot of Gemini in their charts. It’s akin to the pain of getting the cold shoulder or stone walling from a loved one.  

This Lovers card from the Tarot of the Familiars is one of the most unusual I’ve seen. I love it so!  She is meeting Wolf ~ her familiar, a spirit guide, totem (choose your term that works for you).  The way to bond with a spirit helper is to spend time with them, be curious, ask questions, learn.  It can be a true love if you give your heart and open to a deep connection whether long or short term. Some guides come at particular moments in life when their expertise and energy is helpful and leave when no longer needed. Some travel with you all your life and even through many lifetimes.

Another layer of wisdom here is the attraction of opposites, the  unfamiliar or taboo and how compelling it can be. The potential for wildness and danger illuminates the eye contact of women and Wolf. Passion, self-sacrifice, physical ecstasy and the possibility of relationships turning toxic or violent are very real.

Love is a Sacred Grove and a minefield, a place where we battle the other and psychological projections where eventually we’ll meet the Shadow. The quiet intensity of this image says to acknowledge the truth that intimate relationships are   both constructive and destructive.  


There are echos of Red Riding Hood as the woman wears a red hooded cloak but this wolf doesn’t seem to be a trickster or killer or trying to be big and bad. Some say this fairy tale represents awakening to lust, passion, individuality and even the beginning of menstruation (as is also said about Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger, seeing a drop of blood and then falling into a coma!).

Another interpretation of this story might be a young woman leaving home with a dashing fellow (or following some other passionate path) and her family attempting to scare her into coming back home. Don’t walk in the woods and the wilderness! Stay innocent! Above all don’t talk to or interact with strangers! They’re not ready to release the child and accept that she’s becoming a person who will travel forth to parts unknown and find her own pack. She will make her own decisions and mistakes.