Gift Certificates for Late Fall and Winter Holidays

Gift Certificates for 90 Minute, One Hour, 45 Minute or Half Hour Tarot & Totem Private Sessions

For friends, family and other loved ones. You can leave it up to them what kind of reading or other services they’d like to experience. There are links to many different subjects and types of sessions here.

For Yule time and New Year, browse this full menu of possibilities. There are also some recommended sessions in the lower part of this page. The Certificate will differ from the one pictured, in that the dollar amount will be replaced by the amount of time purchased.

Many Tarot & Totem sessions are done long distance by phone, Zoom, Messenger or email and and as far away as Australia, so you may give them to people who live anywhere.

What a bewitching and unusual gift to share !

Just make your purchase here and a message box will appear where you can include the To and From names you’d like to have printed on the certificate.  I’ll email the certificate to you or directly to the client according to your instructions.

Tarot & Totem Gift Certificates:

Please pay through Zelle to, or send to Paypal.Me/MerrieWolfie

90 Minute  $90 – $180
One Hour  $60-$120
45 Minute  $45-$90
Half Hour  $30-$60

Recommended Sessions for Late Autumn Gifts and the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Yule, New Year’s Holidays!

The Wheel of the Year – 2024:  A future oriented reading, looking at  each month of the next year and something significant that occurs or unfolds that month. As an alternative to the 12 month calendar, this can be set for the 8 holy quarter and cross quarter days of the Nature / Pagan calendar – Winter Solstice,  St Brigid’s/ Ostara / approx Feb 2, Spring Equinox, May Day, Summer Solstice,  Lammas / approx Aug 2,  Fall Equinox, Samhain/Halloween.  

One Hour Session Gift Certificate. One Hour  $60-$120

Balanced and Deep is really two card readings.  The first spread is Steering Your Course is very helpful in setting your priorities for the next year. It helps you intuit and name what to put your focus on in the outer world for your greatest good.  The other spread is Soul Evolution: Archetypal Life Flow that looks at what you’d like to experience and learn on a Soul level at this time,  you may or may not be conscious of this. It’s important to give attention to Soul it’s voice is often subtle and poetic and may be overlooked.  

One Hour Session Gift Certificate $60-$120  


The Balanced and Deep one hour session plus a Trance Journey and Affirmation Creation.  Balanced and Deep is the same as the session described above. The Trance Journey is to understand  the most impactful cards and energies of your session in a deeper way. If your session is in person, you’ll journey to drums or other rhythms, if yours is a long distance session Merrie will journey as proxy for you and bring back messages and record them. Affirmation Creation is crafting helpful, supportive affirmations or other prompts to ground and root the session’s guidance in ways that nourish you.  

90 Minute  $90-$180

Tarot Astrology  
Please provide the name of recipient for gift certificate and they birth data:  day, year, time and location.

Path Finding Session based on the North and South Lunar Nodes in your natal astrological chart. Please see this page for complete information.

    Option #1.   Tarot Astrology interpretation of the Natal Chart Personal Planets and Sensitive Points: includes the sign and houses of the Nodes, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter. the Ascendant (Rising Sign), the asteroid Chiron and the most significant aspects to them (conjunction, opposition, trine and square). $150. 
    Option #2.   Tarot Astrology interpretation of the Natal Chart Personal, Outer Planets and Sensitive Points: includes everything in Choice #1 plus Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Lilith and the most significant aspects to them (conjunction, opposition, trine and square). $200.