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I closed my eyes and kept seeing this sunflower, a photo from many years ago. This morning it coaxed me into the backyard and onto the back patio to sit in the sun, turning my face to the gentle winter warmth. With eyes closed I saw so many blessings, the rays of the sun were like the many petals of this flower. Blessings coming to me and from me flowing outward toward others.

I felt an intricate core like this flower has. The intricate core is both still and moving like the pattern in the center of this Sunflower. If you look at it closely and gently, it might look like a flower unfolding, it might look like a butterfly, it might look like waves. Enjoy whatever you experience.

If you feel down or stuck, feel into the flower at the center of your heart. You can do this anytime, anywhere. Observe it kindly, gently, and you’ll feel movement and unfolding. The movement of life and love. The movement of living. The movement of time. Feel and welcome the blessings coming into your heart. When you’re nourished, feel blessings from your heart going out into the world.