Samhain/Hallows Eve Sessions

Private Sessions. Sunday October 31 – Wednesday November 3rd
This time span, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, includes Halloween, Samhain the sacred cross quarter day and Witches’ New Year,  the Roman Catholic high holy holidays of All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day and all, this year, they segue to the  power of the Dark Moon on Tuesday 11/2 and Wednesday 11/3.

It’s a Purr-fect time for a Tarot reading, consulting nature guides, journeys, exploring the shadow, connecting to those who have passed from this world whether a month or a millennia ago.

Tarot of the Familiars

Above: images from the Tarot of the Familiar. Ace of Wands,  all seers and detectives of the occult need a bright wand to direct their will. High Priestess knows the true value of a broom: sweep away what holds you down and fly where you want to go by the power of your will and spiritual consent. In the center are Cat, books, a candle, a den and a map waiting to be unfurled inviting you to explore the unknown.

If you only get one divination reading a year or in your life, choosing sometime between October 31st and November 2nd is ideal, wisdom that’s usually difficult to perceive is much easier to understand and messages that are too quiet or garbled become clear.

Ideal subjects: past lives, communing with those who have passed, gathering strength of will and vision to manifest a new chapter of your life, honoring and learning the lessons of grief and loss while still living fully, hauntings, unsolved mysteries, or hidden selves … or whatever situation you most want guidance about.

Private sessions on Zoom, by phone or in person in Tucson

To Schedule: Contact Merrie by text (520) 306-1701 or email

Sunday Oct 31st  2pm – 9pm
Monday Nov 1st All Saints Day  10am – 4pm
Tuesday Nov 2nd All Souls Day and Dark Moon  Noon – 8pm
Wednesday Nov 3rd  Dark Moon  9am – 3pm

Sliding Scale Prices:
Half Hour $25 – $35
45 Minutes $35 – $55
One Hour $45 – $75
90 Minutes $70 – $110

Payment can be made through Zelle to, or the payment buttons here:
Zelle is slightly preferred because there are no additional fees to any party

Documentation provided for all private sessions include photos of cards and a recording of your call or in-person visit