Earth Day Sessions ~ April 22 & 23

Above: Haiti, Robin Wood, Marseilles, Bali, Prairie, Gilded, Yoga and World Spirit Tarots. The World Card ~ many consciousness and abilities flowing together creating a wondrous ecology.

Monday & Tuesday, April 22nd & 23rd
10am – 7:30pm
All readings and journeys are done with reverence for our dear planet. One part of working with nature guides is to honor them in some way. There are many ways.  It’s a mutual relationship. You can dance them, poeticize them, sing them, learn their natural history, and/or financially support some of the many organizations that are devoted to the species we share the planet with.
Sliding scale and payment options are here  Payment & Scheduling
To schedule:  520-306-1701 or

Suggested Sessions (cards, journeying or both)
connecting more deeply with an animal guide you’re familiar with
~ divination to find which animal, plant or mineral guide has wisdom and skills to inspire you at this time in your life, in general or about specific issues
~ how can you best personally advocate and work for our species to form a fair and loving relationship with the planet.