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4  Saturdays.  October 14th, 21st, 28th and November 4th.   10am – 1pm
In-The-Flow Intuitive Tarot

Wednesday,  October 18th.  6pm – 9pm with an option to stay an extra hour 8:15 – 9:15 to deepen the work.
Dissolving Moon / Evolving Butterfly Dark of the Moon Workshop

FEATURED PRIVATE SESSIONS:   especially timed for the Autumn

Successful Harvest Tarot & Totem Spread
A Successful Harvest. Guidance when completing or adding to a project, goal or life change

A SUCCESSFUL HARVEST: Moving Toward Completion of a Project, Goal, Cycle or Life Change.  An original Tarot & Totem Offering. This reading can be done at anytime but if you want to align with Lunar Medicine, try this during the Waning Moon.
The cards are laid out  beginning at the bottom of the circle (1) , then forming the left semi circle (2 & 3), then the right semi circle (4 & 5), and finishing with the card at the top (6).
CARD 1.  Project or Goal (Animal Card) at center bottom.
CARD 2.  What’s Working Well (Tarot) clockwise to the left.
CARD 3.  What Needs To Be Added (Tarot) clockwise upper left.
CARD 4.  A Skill or Attitude for Flexibility and Fresh Perspective (Animal) clockwise to the right
CARD 5.  What Is Beyond Your Control (Tarot) clockwise to the lower right
CARD 6.  How to Harvest Your Work Successfully (Tarot) at top center position
See detailed example reading here!

Autumn officially began on Friday, September 22nd.
This spread was developed to focus on  Balance (Libra), Reaping (Scorpio), and Bounty (Sagittarius). All are challenges, needs and desires associated with the Fall.

THE BASKET & THE SICKLE – What’s In Store For You This Autumn Season?

THE BASKET – The fruit you are harvesting now (or will harvest soon) that obviously grows from past actions and events. This is the Civilized side of Autumn – what you consciously use, create and evolve.
Card 1:  An underlying attitude of yours that’s been in play for a long time
Cards 2-5: The Basket – What you’re likely to harvest this Autumn (gifts, treasures, tricks, undesirables) having to do with what you’ve knowingly and intentionally created.
Cards 6 & 7: How you use what’s in your basket and
Card 8: What you learn and how you change.
THE SICKLE – Events, people and actions that come from the inner or outer wilds – surprises, unpredictables, etc. The sickle will reveal the Wild side of Autumn and how chaos, pandemonium, the surprising , the strange and the mysterious make entrances into your life.
Card 9:  What or who opens the door to the wild.
Cards 10 – 14:  The Sickle – What comes in from the wild. how the wild side makes an appearance this Fall.
Card 15: The effect these experiences have on you.
THE BRIDGE – The relationship between the Basket (the rational and explainable) and the Sickle (the spontaneous, disruptive and karmic ) this Autumn.
Cards 16 & 17:  The Bridge.
One hour session.  $45 – $75 sliding scale. To schedule and pay go here.

There are many more Autumn spreads on the Seasonal Sessions page.

Monday, September 18th. 6pm – 9pm.
Tarot Astrology Workshop:  HERMIT / VIRGO.  

Realism As Spiritual Path. The beautiful mind of the Hermit, Virgo the craftsman, the physical fortitude of Ant and the mystic wisdom of Owl.  The 6th House, Mercury and Venus.  
     This workshop includes journalling, breathwork, meditation, Astrology and several archetypal-based group experiences. You’ll leave with a new understanding of Virgo, 6th House, Mercury and Venus in your astrological chart and the ways already use the Inner Hermit and Scientist in your life and ways to further develop the positive sides of the Hermit within you and balance your Air (Mental) and Earth (Body) energies.

Tuesday, September 19th.  6pm – 8pm
Dark of the Moon workshop:  Dissolving Moon / Evolving Butterfly.
 (with option to stay for an additional hour). Unique workshop that facilitates deep change by using the energy of the Dark Moon (endings) become New Moon and the caterpillar becoming butterfly.