The Sun Within You workshop

A 2 session workshop in January 2021

Sunday January 17th and Sunday January 31st

2pm – 4pm on ZOOM

Price: Three sliding scale levels. Payment buttons will be added soon. Alternatively you can use

Low: $50 includes both sessions 

Middle: $75 includes both sessions

High: $100 includes both sessions

In this workshop you’ll explore:
– Honoring and connecting to the bright generous and can-do spiritual energy of our beloved Sun
– Learning and practicing ways to cheer up in mood and to cheer yourself on as you move through life
– Focusing on healthy happy Solar Plexus / 3rd Chakra energy and how it nourishes the drive to pursue personal goals and a path that’s meaningful and gratifying for you
– Ways your inner light can increase the cycles of generosity within you and around you
– Befriending hidden or ‘unwanted’ parts of yourself and allowing them to shine

Modalities include spontaneous writing, movement, breathwork, supportive symbolism, sounding, journaling and other forms. There will be exercises to do at home in the two weeks between the workshops and if desired an optional private session.

Expansion Focusing on and developing ways to expand  that do not disempower others or impinge on their rights
Expanding friendships, old and new
Expanding kindness and generosity
Expanding the sphere of your talents and/or your work.
Rhythm and Confidence
Sensing your natural rhythms
Becoming sensitive to Nature’s rhythm changes as the hours of sun light increases.
Aligning yourself with Nature’s rhythm through relationship with particular plant or animal guide
Ways of shining light on hidden aspects of your life, your thoughts, your choices.

Hidden Selves. The Sun shines light into what has been hidden and coaxes it to come out. You can see this as Sunlight expands and touches plant life. In Tarot the Sun card also means that it’s safe to bring what has been secret or in hiding into the light. We’ll work with that as giving some parts of your personality, or what is sometimes called sub-personalities, a chance to shine and be known. Maybe some of these personalities have different rhythms, choices of friends, talents or ambitions. You’ll use several modalities in exploring this, including spontaneous writing and the workshop vibe will be safe and compassionate. This work can be healing and also energizing as repressed parts of self arise. If you’d like to know more about a new branch of psychology let me know. A new book, The Symphony of Selves, is helpful in conveying how it’s natural and good to have many personalities co-existing within you, I have an mp3 of a one hour New Dimensions interview with the authors. If you’d like to listen to it, let me know!