The Four Elements as Allies In Your Life and Intuitive Practices

The Four Elements as Allies to Your Intuitive Abilities and Work
5 consecutive weeks of 3 hour workshops.   On Zoom or in Person
When: Biweekly Saturdays 10am – 1pm
September 16th to October 14th
Dates: September 16th and 30th, October 14th and 28th, and November 11th (nice to end on 11-11!)
Content: We’ll work with the elements in this order: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and the Interweaving of All Four. You’ll spend time exploring your personal history with that element and it is (or isn’t) appearing in your life and works at this time.
The focus will not be on the Tarot suits, though Tarot archetypes may suggest themselves to you. You’ll be finding allies that could be animal, plant, stone, colors, shapes, saints, imps, and others. You’ll be crafting your own invocations, mantras, body movements, etc that allow you to connect with the elemental essence.

Tuition: $300-$600 sliding scale for all 5 workshops. Payment in full is preferred but other payment schedules may be available.

Please contact Merrie by email or text (520) 306-1701 if you’d like to attend and we’ll set up a time for a friendly, brief conversation before enrollment.

Early Bird Payment Perks

Paid by Saturday, September 2nd. Two Hours mentoring or private sessions

Paid by Saturday September 9th. One Hour mentoring or private session

This offering can also be had as five private one-on-one 2 hour sessions, Please inquire about pricing.