Design an Archetype-Inspired Tarot Spread!

Design Your Own Archetype-Inspired Tarot Spread

Saturday, June 10th.   10am – Noon
Private residence near Ina & Oracle
$20 – $40 (sliding scale depending on your assessment of your personal financial situation)
To register:  Contact 520-306-1701 or email and then use these buttons to pay on line or pay in cash at workshop.

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 The Fountain TarotDesign Your Own Archetype-Inspired Tarot Spread based on a Tarot Major or Ace. If you want to see an example of how such a spread is constructed, please look at the featured reading.
Each Tarot Major and Ace represents an archetypal energy, a pattern or force within human nature that is seeded in everyone’s consciousness. Each card can be benevolent, helpful and an area of joy and growth, on the flip side all the archetypes can break bad, and stir up trouble in the inner and outer life. This makes them multi-faceted and juicy subjects for readings and card spreads.
In this workshop you’ll choose the Major or Ace that you are most intrigued with or want to develop or ifind troubling or that feels like a theme in your life.
As you work out the design of your spread, you’ll begin to see new facets and meanings of that card. The overall shape of the spread you design will mimic the composition or pose of the Major you’ve chosen. If you choose an Ace, you’ll use the shape of the symbol for that element and suit. For instance the upward equilateral triangle is the Fire symbol and the suit might be Wands, so you could use both shapes. You may also add extra positions outside of the main shape of the design.
As you reflect on the meaning of the Major,  you’ll use both intuition and analysis to know what meaning to assign to that position. This makes for a very powerful spread, and – added benefit! – it’s a good way to deepen your comprehension and connection to the Majors.
After the spreads have been designed, you’ll try them out by trading readings with other students and this will give you insight into whether and how they could be refined.