Ascending and Descending workshop

NEW! JUST ADDED for March 2021

Ascending and Descending Into Your Tarot Practice

Experience-based classes on 4 consecutive Monday evenings in March.

March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd.
6pm – 8:30pm
All classes will be offered via Zoom

By the time you complete these workshops, you’ll have a creative and natural-for-you way of using Tarot and other divination tools.  You’ll discover ways the wisdom and symbolism of Tarot can serve as activating agents in your self-growth and life development. You’ll also benefit from coming in contact with the unique way the Tarot tradition perceives patterns of human consciousness.

The ascension is finding connection to the unbounded intuition and compassion of Great Spirit, the descending is into the realms of the human subconscious, dreams, archetypes and magick. The middle ground contains the details, dramas and situations of everyday living that are the typical subjects of Tarot readings.

Prerequisite:  Be Passionate about Tarot and/or other forms of divination and a desire to go deeper into Tarot’s possibilities for you

The curriculum will include but is not limited to the following:

– becoming an intuitive and connected-to-spirit reader for yourself and others, trusting your intuition, finding the inner seer

– finding the story or bright creative idea within randomly chosen cards  and how these can nurture your creative and emotional life

– Using the cards to better understand and perceive hidden levels of the psyche and the conditions of growth / stagnation within. We specifically study ways the symbols and meanings connect to subconscious and spiritual realities that people often remain unaware of.

– Tarot as a guide and aide to intention and manifestation practices, magic making, affirmations and creating altars.

Total payment made before March 1st:
Choice for payment that will include all 4 classes plus a half hour personal mentoring session  is sliding scale $80 – $120:
Tier 1 $80
Tier 2 $100
Tier 3 $120
Tier 4 $140
Tier 5 $160 includes all 4 dates. 
This option is preferred because this class works best with a group that’s committed to attending all 4 workshops.

Installment Payment:  If full payment isn’t workable for you, you may pay by the week at sliding scale $25 – $45 per session.
Tier 1 $25 per session
Tier 2 $35 per session
Tier 3 $35 per session
You can make your payment through or wait for the payment buttons here that will soon be added.

Limited to 10 participants

Please send an email or text 520-306-1701.